Borderlands 3 How to Transfer Loot & Items Between Characters

You can transfer loot between characters in Borderlands 3. This means that every item you collect with one character can be passed onto another without any issues. It’s a useful feature that lets you move gear and weapons to anyone that can use them best. Since the game doesn’t explain how this works, a number of players are wondering how to transfer loot between characters in Borderlands 3. We’ve written this guide to help you do just that.

borderlands 3 how to transfer loot between characters
Borderlands 3 How to Transfer Loot & Items Between Characters

How to move items from one character to another?

First of all, each of the characters will have to have reached Sanctuary. That’s where the shared stash is located. Once you’re on the space ship, head into your room. That’s the second one on the right from the entrance. If you open up the map, you’ll see a piggy bank icon there. That’s the player bank. Just approach the golden safe and interact with it, and you’ll be able to place stuff inside. When you open it with another character, the items you put in with the first one will be available. There’s a limited number of slots, so you’ll have to choose what to keep inside. You can expand the stashes capacity using SDUs, but you can’t make it infinite.

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This is feature is great if you have characters of different classes. If you get an item that is better suited to another class, you can just pop it in the bank and have another character use it. You can also use it to keep valuable stuff you don’t need on you at all times, like situational gear, legendary weapons you want to own but not use on a daily basis, and such. Since both this and the inventory are relatively small, you’ll still have to sell most of the equipment you find.

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    Carl S. Victor

    I have a number of FLAK and Zane characters but they cannot go into the bank and access the other character’s stored items. The Zane characters all have access to the same bank and the Zane characters have access to a different bank. I would love it if they could access the same storage area as all I need to finish a Boss is a opq system and each bank has different levels of the system but cannot be accessed by the other character. Perhaps, you know something different than I do. Any suggestion or solution would be appreciated.

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