Borderlands 3 Jakobs Estate Skull Bookshelf Puzzle Solution

Jakobs Estate skull bookshelf secret door is a puzzle in Borderlands 3 that you can find in the Archives of the Jakobs Estate. The skull statue bookshelf puzzle in Jakobs Estate is one of the tougher puzzles in the game, since you get no indication of how to solve it. Luckily, we can help you. Granted, the rewards aren’t much, but you’ll get to say that you’ve opened the Archives secret door behind the skull statue bookshelf in Borderlands 3. So, we’re gonna show you how to open the secret room in the Archives in our Borderlands 3 Jakobs Estate Skull Bookshelf Puzzle Solution guide.

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Borderlands 3 Jakobs Estate Skull Bookshelf Puzzle Solution
Borderlands 3 Jakobs estate skull book shelf puzzle solution

How to Solve Skull Statue Secret in Jakobs Estate?

To solve the skull statue bookshelf puzzle in Jakob’s Estate in Borderlands 3, the first step is to interact with a painting of Aurelia. The location of the portrait is in the west of the manor, next to a closed door. The corridor is not exactly close to the skull bookshelf, so check the images below to see exactly where it is.

Next up, double back to the room where the skull bookshelf is. From the big globe on the first floor, go left and up the staircase (look at the images below for visual guidance). Turn right at the top of the stairs, and you’ll spot a fireplace in front of you. Make your way there, and interact with the bearded bust left of the fireplace. Interact with it, and it’ll explode and drop some money. Press the button that was hidden under the statue.

The third and last object to interact with is a bookshelf in the southeast corner of Monty’s Den. Interact with the bookshelf, and it’s gonna spin around and reward you with some cash. If you haven’t yet unlocked Monty’s Den, push forward through the Lair of the Harpy main mission. The den is below the theater, and you’ll unlock it through the quest. Consult our Lair of The Harpy – Stage Set Trap Door Puzzle Solution guide if you’re having trouble.

Once you’ve done all this, go back to the skull bookshelf in the Archive. Approach the skull, and the Locked should now be Open instead. Interact with the skull, and the secret door will open. The rewards are pretty disappointing for all the trouble the puzzle puts you through, if I’m being honest, but oh well. Bragging rights, I guess? Huge thanks to Borderlands 3 forum user aste0203 for figuring this one out.

hidden skull bookshelf door jakobs estate how to solve & open puzzle borderlands 3
Skull bookshelf hidden room unlocked

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    This does not work, Ive done it twice. Including carrying on and getting the next 2 busts to only go back and one eye be red. The first direction seems to work however.

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    Thanks for the help. My roommate was stuck at it for over an hour. Appreciate it.

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    The painting is to the west of the manor, not east.

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    Right you are. I’ll fix it.

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    Do you only get 1 chance? We put the wrong 1at number now we cant try again

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    I did the button under statue in archives first then painting of Aurelia next the bookshelf and that worked.

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