Borderlands 3 Ascension Bluff Gem Door - How to Unlock

Gem door in Ascension Bluff is one of the mysterious locked doors in Borderlands 3. It’s a wooden door with a big orange gem in the middle. We found one in the northern part of the map, but we’ve heard there’s more of them. There isn’t a button prompt when you approach them, and the game doesn’t even acknowledge the fact they’re locked. If you’re wondering how to open Ascension Bluff gem door in Borderlands 3, keep reading, and we’ll list all the things people have tried.

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borderlands 3 ascension bluff gem door
Borderlands 3 Ascension Bluff Gem Door – How to Unlock

Locked door in Ascension Bluff

At this point, nobody knows how to open the locked door in Ascension Bluff. If you look at the map, you’ll see there’s an arena behind them, so they definitely can be opened. The fact there’s no prompt or message when you approach them makes us think they’ll open automatically once the requirements have been fulfilled.

What those requirements are is anyone’s guess. There’s talk of Eridian writings being part of the requirements, but people who’ve deciphered them all can confirm that is not the only requirement. Getting a 100% completion on the map by doing the crew challenges, discovering named locations, completing side quests, opening red chests and such, doesn’t seem to unlock them either. Some people have even tried shooting at them with the Eridian Fabricator (the gun gun), but nothing happened.

One thing that might work is completing the Eridian Trials. We’re not sure what these are exactly – they might be Proving Grounds arenas, or the quests that appear once you’ve deciphered all of the slabs on a given planet. We’re going to keep investigating this issue, and we’ll update the guide as soon as we know more. If you know something we don’t, be sure to leave a comment.

We’ve seen footage of people getting behind the door by driving their car off a cliff. It’s an empty arena, and some suspect it’s going to be the location of a boss fight in a future DLC or update.

If you're having trouble with other things in the game, you might want to check out some of the other guides we've written. We've listed the locations of Red Chests, Typhon Logs, Dead Claptrap Parts and Hijack Targets. We've explored the mission choices, like what happens when you side with Holder or Ramsden in On The Blood Path, or when you tell Rhys to keep or lose mustache in Atlas at Last. We've also covered secrets, like the one where you have to open the Holy Broadcast Center locked door.

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  1. K

    I finished all of the Eridian Proving Grounds, and the door has not opened. So it seems that option is out unfortunately

  2. L
    Logan crowder

    Theres a door just like it in Konrads hold, theres a mission tou can get from a robots head that’ll let you go into this one tho, from what I can tell these doors are nothing more than a legend of zelda referense the dungeon is full of weird runes puzzles and vases to smash

  3. G
    Gianluca Destro

    There is a switch I found whilst playing through the game that had an Eredium symbol next to it. I cant remember where the lever is, but I have a gut feeling that it is the lever that opens the door. When I first encountered it, it wasnt accessible. I think you need to complete all the Eredium writings, go back to Tannis and encrypt them all & then the lever will work. I cannot remmeber the location, but I will keep you posted. The lever 100% exists and it is next to an Eredium symbol.

  4. A
    AUGUST Henriksen

    I climbed up on a big pillar rock with a toilet on it, where i managed to look into the arena, its nothing special just sand and fences. kind of like the invincible thresher boss arena in bl2. maybe there is a way to jump onto the arena from the pillar with a car or something?

  5. A
    AUGUST Henriksen

    i just got in. i used a cyclone with a triple booster to jump up to the mountain above the arena from the toilet stone pillar you go under to get to the door. from here i went down to the right end of the invisible barrier that is on the mountain, where i dropped on to a ledge slightly under the edge. then i used fade away for an extra speedboost and jumped towards the arena. this took me a few tries so i reccomend that you use the cyclone as a spawn point to quickly get up on the mountain again if you want to try this.
    There seems to not be anything in the arena but there is still that room behind the door, which is probably the way out after you have beat the boss that definetly spawn here. but i guess no one knows how to activate all of this stuff. apparantly getting into the arena is not enough.

    1. A

      I actually got in using Amara’ Downfall version of her Phaseslam. Its pretty cool in there. There are 2 doors , one higher than the other, next to the varkids, which seems like its going to be the entrance. And then u have an exit door down in the arena with a corridor which I believe will have the loot inside it. Also important to mention that the arena is empty. No ammo or health pickups. So it seems like its going to be a Extra strong boss fight

  6. D
    Dj Caisse

    There is a small pillar on promethea – meridian outskirts on the pointy part by the fast travel. Not the drop pod location.

  7. J
    Jeff S

    In Konrad’s hold there is a door similar to this one that unlocks through a quest, I got it after completing the game and going on a second run though to complete all the side quests I skipped. I’ll update this comment if it unlocks the other doors as well

  8. Ive gotten in the area using a Cyclone with hove wheels. It seems to be a boss zone. Just a empty field. Nothing activated when i got there.

  9. D
    Dexter Hartunian

    I have been searching and trying to figure this out for the last two days, Send help.

  10. S

    It’s the location for a raid boss, which hasn’t been put in yet. This game hasn’t been out a week and you are trying to pick it apart piece by piece instead of appreciating how good it is. Given that the last game was 5 years ago and wasn’t that great in my opinion, and how good this one is you guys should just appreciate what you get and wait until the next dlc which is guaranteed. The first borderlands didn’t have a raid boss until the dlc: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. So just be patient and enjoy the game.

    1. J
      Joshua Lavelle

      It’s been 18months and the games got no replayability and the raid boss was added here recently as paid content that was proven to be the the base game. Gearbox is shit now

  11. E

    No your wrong Sinsanity, apparently you don’t do research. There were 3 invincible bosses in vanilla borderlands 2….

  12. E

    There are side missions that you have to get and they open up for you. The one at Konrads hold is the mission right in front of the door.

  13. L
    Logan Matthews

    Still trying to figure this one out as well. Noticed it immidiately on my first playthrough but haven’t had any luck yet. Help

  14. F

    Why is your way of having fun more valid than someone else’s? So what if you don’t like trying to get places the game doesn’t want you to go, other people have lots of fun with that, and it’s thanks to work like theirs that we’ve found out some of the coolest stuff in video games, like the entire unused continent in TERA Online, or the weird secret book in Mario Galaxy.

  15. X

    No one said they don’t appreciate the game they just want to know why there’s a big locked door, just because they are trying to find secrets that were purposely put in doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoying the game

  16. H

    First of all you dont know that it’s a location for a raid boss. Second of all, I paid for the game so I will do whatever the f*** I want with it. I’ve already beat the story twice on my main so now I’m doing everything else that is left to do, and this one area is left to do.

  17. T

    this is a way to enjoy the game though its like a mystery that were trying to solve

  18. C

    lol Ethan, SinSanity never claimed vanilla borderlands 2 didnt have raid bosses. They said borderlands 1 smh.

  19. R
    Raul Perez

    Guys I think it has to do with the gas can room in Ascension Bluff. I know its a stretch, but there are gas cans all over the game. Shooting them sends them flying up and then they explode. Not sure how many there are, but I think it’s worth a shot to try this out.

  20. K

    Sin Sanity, you’re an idiot.

  21. A

    What if it just a… troll?

  22. J

    What I know is that you can have a vorkid adult get its head right in the gem of the door.
    To do that, all you have to do is stand next to the door and wait for one of them to ram in to it

  23. S
    Super Gonzo

    If anybody is interested, there was a mini update dropped April 1st.
    Involves common enemies dropping eridium and the patch notes included fighting a varkid in pandora for 500 eridium, with designers cut dlc.
    85% certain this is it.

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