Borderlands 3 Lectra City Underground Puzzle - How to Turn On Screens

There’s a puzzle in the underground part of Lectra City in Borderlands 3. In order to solve it, you’ll need to press buttons, pull levers, flick switches and more. Once you’ve solved it, a door to a secret room will open up, letting a terrible enemy out. His name is One Punch, and he can probably one-punch you. He can drop some nice loot, though. If you’re wondering how to turn on the screens and solve Borderlands 3 Lectra City underground puzzle, you’ve come to the right place.

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borderlands 3 lectra city underground puzzle how to turn on screens
Borderlands 3 Lectra City Underground Puzzle – How to Turn On Screens

How to solve screen puzzle in Lectra City underground

If you look at the door, you’ll notice a bunch of screens around it. For it to open, the screens will have to light up. If you turn away, you’ll see a smaller room filled with objects. You can interact with each of them, and nothing appears to happen when you do. To open the door, you’ll have to interact with the correct items in the correct order.

The correct items are the two switches on the box on the left, the valve on the right and the lever next to it. If we number them from left to right, the correct combination would be 1, 3, 4, 2, 2. As soon as you interact with the last one, the door will open. An enemy called One Punch will emerge – a big guy with only one arm. Depending on your build and gear, he might easily be able to kill you with one shot, so keep your distance. He’ll drop an item when you kill him – in our case, it was a totally uninteresting gray item.

borderlands 3 how to solve screen puzzle lectra city underground

BL3 One Punch Shotgun

However, it turns out there is a greater reward to be had from One Punch. According to Reddit user core330, you can get a one punch man gun from this guy. It’s a legendary shotgun called One Pump Chump – It has only one slot in the magazine, but it comes with +1300% damage. It also has a 50% chance to not consume ammo when firing. It sounds kinda gimmicky, but it could turn out to be pretty useful for boss fights and such.

borderlands 3 one punch shotgun one pump chump

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    Thank, been messing with it for a few minutes. Got a crummy blue shotgun.

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    By the way I can confirm this is true I just got the shotgun like on my 29th retry

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