Borderlands 3 Target of Opportunity Locations Map - Zeroed In

Targets of Opportunity in Borderlands 3 are a type of Crew Challenge mission you can do for Zer0. They are almost like a kind of collectible, even though not all maps have it, and they work like bounties. To complete the Borderlands 3 Targets of Opportunity crew challenges, you’ll have to find and eliminate the target on every map that they are on. Naturally, killing these targets can reward you with some great loot, plus, they count towards the Zeroed In achievement / trophy. Those of you that are having trouble with this Crew Challenge, our Borderlands 3 Target of Opportunity Locations is the right place for you.

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Borderlands 3 Target of Opportunity Locations Map
Borderlands 3 Target of Opportunity Locations Map

Meridian Metroplex Crew Challenges Target of Opportunity Locations

The one Target of Opportunity mission in Meridian Metroplex in Borderlands 3 is Baron Noggin. Your target is hiding out in a bunker-like structure that you can get to by driving off the road at a specific place. You can see the exact locations of Baron Noggin and the entrance into the bunker in the images below.

Once inside the bunker, go through the door on the right. Climb down the ladder, turn left, and you’ll find yourself face-to-face with Baron Noggin, as well as some annoying adds. Kill them all, and continue on your way.

Lectra City Target of Opportunity Crew Challenge Location Map

The Lectra City target of opportunity is located in the large area in the southwest of the map; the kinda-circular area that’s criss-crossed with bridges. There’s pretty much only one way to get there, so I doubt you’ll get lost. The area itself is actually a nice, wide, open courtyard. However, you won’t get to enjoy the view very much, because the battle here can be kinda tough. You’ll be fighting against Judge Hightower and several members of his Hightower Crew, all of whom were level 14 for us. Be careful and don’t let them swarm you.

Skywell-27 Crew Challenge Target Of Opportunity Location

The Skywell-27 target of opportunity, Handsome Jackie, is hiding in the north of the lower part of the map. As you can see in the images below, it almost looks like Jackie is floating in thin air. The catch is that you kinda have to do a bit of platforming to find your target’s hiding place.

Make your way to the platform near one of the Skywell-27 Typhon Logs, the only one down here. Opposite the bright-red corridor, there’s a square-shaped balcony. Jump onto the platform below, but be careful how you do it, so that you don’t tumble to your doom. Once down there, head into the cave entrance, and Handsome Jackie will come out to play when you’re close enough.

BL3 Anvil Target of Opportunity Crew Challenge Location

The Anvil Target of Opportunity crew challenge is pretty easy to find. All you have to do is head to the northwest of the map. There, you’ll find a circular area called The Devil’s Saucepan. Once there, the miniboss Sky Bully is going to greet you with bullets. All you have to do is kill them, as is the case with all Targets of Opportunity.

Jakobs Estate Target Of Opportunity – Where to Find?

To find the Target of Opportunity crew challenge in Jakobs Estate, probably the best place to start is the Jakobs Estate fast travel station. Then, head northwest, but don’t cross the bridge further north. Instead, hang left, to the southwest. From there, just follow the map marker towards your target. You’re gonna know you’re there when you see a small cave opening. You’ll have to battle two targets, in fact, Heckle and Hyde. Plus some adds for good measure. Also, you’ll discover a new area, Servant’s Lift.

Ambermire BL3 Target of Opportunity Location Map

Finding the Target of Opportunity in Ambermire in Borderlands 3 is fairly simple to find. It’s more or less in the center of the map. Just use the map to navigate towards the Target of Opportunity item. If you’re coming from the south, you’ll cross between what looks like pieces of wreckage of a ship. Behind it, you’ll find a narrow, tall waterfall. Your targets, the Psychobillies, are behind the waterfall. And yes, they are a gang of people all called some variation of Billy.

Devil’s Razor Target of Opportunity Location Borderlands 3

Finding the Target of Opportunity in Devil’s Razor is not too difficult, if you know where to start. From the southeast corner of the map, head north, up the stretch of cliff that hugs the edge of the level. You’ll have to go through a hut to reach the path, just be careful not to drop down. Go all the way up the path, and you’ll reach your target, Hot Karl and his cohorts, in no time.

Cathedral of the Twin Gods target of opportunity – Crackjaw

Go to the northwestern corner of the cathedral, to the Altar of The Twins. Look for a hole between the statues and jump into it. You’ll end up in the Eridium Sluice. Follow the tunnels until you’re in Crackjaw’s arena.

Tazandeer Ruins target of opportunity – Sylestro & Atomic

The arena in which you’ll fight Sylestro and Atomic is in the far east of the Tazandeer Ruins map. Try to take care of Sylestro first – Atomic is more of a menace, and he can’t properly harass you if you’ve already dealt with the other one (thanks to Corwin Tilden for the tip).

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