Mysterious Artifact Borderlands 3 - Farm Eridium

BL3 Mysterious Artifact is an amulet that you can earn for completing one of the new quest chains in the latest DLC. The problem is that most people don’t know how to use it, and the game surely doesn’t tell you. As it turns out, it has a pretty singular purpose. So, how do you get the Mysterious Amulet in Borderlands 3? How do you use it once you have it? We’ll show you in our Mysterious Artifact Borderlands 3 – Farm Eridium guide.

mysterious artifact borderlands 3 farm eridium
Mysterious Artifact Borderlands 3 – Farm Eridium

How to Get Mysterious Artifact in Borderlands 3

To get the Borderlands 3 Mysterious Artifact, you have to complete the Murder Mystery questline that you get from Ava. The Borderlands 3 Mysterious Amulet is exclusive to the new DLC, as are the Diamond Keys. At the very end of the quest chain, you’ll have to fight a boss. I won’t say anything about it, because I don’t want any of you screaming about spoilers. Bottom line, after you defeat this boss, you’ll get the BL3 Mysterious Artifact. Trouble is, the game doesn’t tell you what it does; all you get are 100%, 5%, and three question marks next to each of them. What’s that all about? Let’s get into it.

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How to Use Mysterious Artifact in Borderlands 3

To use the Mysterious Artifact in Borderlands 3, you simply have to equip it into the correct slot. As it turns out, the Mysterious Amulet helps you farm Eridium in Borderlands 3. How exactly does it work? Well, when you have the Artifact on you, you have a five percent chance to find an Eridium deposit that’s invisible otherwise. These spawn randomly, but they’re easy to spot, since they glitter. That’s what the 5% means.

As for the 100%, that’s how much extra Eridium you get from, well, everything you get Eridium from, including the invisible deposits. For those less math-inclined, that means that you’ll earn double the Eridium from all sources you come across. That’s all the BL3 Mysterious Artifact does. Unless you’re purpose is to farm the resource, you can safely ignore it.

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