Aphix Conduit Ruined Mind Wanted Bounty - Destiny 2

Ruined Mind is a wanted bounty target in Destiny 2 Forsaken. It’s a Hydra mini-boss you’ll have to murder in order to complete this weekly bounty. You’ll find it in the Aphix Conduit lost sector, on Io. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find and how to deal with Destiny 2 Ruined Mind Aphix Conduit wanted bounty boss.

destiny 2 aphix conduit ruined mind
Destiny 2 Aphix Conduit Ruined Mind Wanted Bounty

Ruined Mind Aphix Conduit Location

As we’ve already mentioned, you’ll find the Ruined Mind on Io, in the Aphix Conduit lost sector. Land at the Rupture, then jump on your sparrow and head to the southeastern corner of the area. You’ll find the entrance below the giant tree stump. Follow the only path there is, and you’ll run into your target soon enough.

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It’s a gosh darn Hydra! The most boring enemy in the history of boring, poorly designed enemies. It would be prudent to clear out the goblins first, so you can focus on turtle boss over there afterwards. It might take you anywhere between ten minutes and twelve thousand years to defeat this garbage of a boss. It is covered from head to tentacle in shields, with tiny windows between them. They’re special, impenetrable shields, too, so you’ll have to aim between them if you want to do damage. Also, the weak spot is the eye which is hidden behind a shield ninety percent of the time.

Once you’re alone in the room with it, you can either spam it with grenades or supers. Equip stuff that speeds up your grenade or super recharge, so you don’t have to rely on weapons too much. Be sure to have something that packs a punch – low rate of fire, high damage output. And yes, always try to aim for the glowing, red eye.

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