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Phyzann, Drowned Captain is one of the targets from a wanted bounty in Destiny 2 Forsaken. He’s a big, ugly Fallen warrior who has escaped from the notorious Prison of Elders. If you wwant to be buddies with Spider, it will be your job to hunt him down. He’s hiding out in the Flooded Chasm, a lost sector in the European Dead Zone. If you get stuck trying to find him, our Destiny 2 Flooded Chasm Phyzann Drowned Captain guide will help you.

destiny 2 flooded chasm phyzann drowned captain
Destiny 2 Flooded Chasm Phyzann Drowned Captain Wanted Bounty

Phyzann, Drowned Captain Location

As the bounty text explains, Phyzann can be found in the Flooded Chasm, a lost sector in the EDZ. In order to get there, you should land at the Winding Cove and head north. Go under the bridge and look for a cave entrance there. This is actually the exit – the entrance is accessible from The Gulch, but it’s pretty far from the nearest landing point. Simply follow the tunnels until you enter the main chamber – this is where you’ll find your target, spawned as the sector’s boss.

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It’s a bit jarring that you have to fight a Fallen captain in a cave filled with Cabal soldiers, none of which react negatively to him. But, such is life. He’s not too aggressive, so you can safely clear out the Cabal before engaging him. He’s armed with a ranged weapon, but there’s a lot of cover in the arena – make sure you use it. If you’ve played the game for any significant amount of time, you won’t have any problem here. It’s just like playing through a regular lost sector, except the boss is also part of another activity. Basically, two rewards for completing one task – both the bounty from Spider, and the contents of the lost sector cache.

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