Ascendant Chest Challenge Week 4 - Crush First Queen's Crown - Destiny 2

Ascendants challenge week 4 is a weekly bounty you can get from Petra Venj in Destiny 2 Forsaken. Like before, the weekly bounty gives you a little hint for the Ascendant Portal location. Once you reach the Ascendant Portal location, you’ll have to complete a challenge in order to get the week 4 Ascendant Chest. In case you’re having trouble, here’s our Destiny 2 Forsaken Ascendant Challenge Week 4 guide to show you the way.

Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge Week 4 - Crush First Queen's Crown
Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge Week 4 – Crush First Queen’s Crown

Ascendant Challenge – Crush First Queen’s Crown Beneath Bootheel Portal Jumping Puzzle

The weekly bounty description you get from Petra Venj tells you to “crush the First Queen’s crown beneath your bootheel.” This is a very dramatic way to say that you need to climb the statue of the First Queen. Said statue is in the Harbringer’s Seclude, the area northeast of Rheasilvia. Basically, you have to make it all the way through the area until you find an enormous statue that’s covered in weird, black growths. The Ascendant Portal is on top of the statue. Of course, in order to see the portal, you’ll have to consume Tincture of Queensfoil.

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Now for the jumping puzzle. You have to platform your way up to the top. Start by jumping on the huge ball of black goo on the left. Look up and to the right, and you’ll spot a floating platform with a glowing rock. Rocket over there. Look below you and to the right, and land on the black goo emanating from the statue. Then, gingerly jetpack around the statue to the right, and onto the next goo platform. From there, you should be able to rocket all the way up to the portal and into the Ascendant Plane.

Keep of Honed Edges Hive Knights & How to Solve Ascendant Chest Jumping Puzzle

Once you enter the Keep of Honed Edges in the Ascendant Plane, your next step is to travel across the floating platforms to a temple-like structure. Once there, clear out the adds. You’ll see three Hive Knights kneeling around a sword in the very center. You have to pick the sword up (it’s marked as a relic). The Knights will start attacking, as well as a whole bunch of adds. Your goal is to slaughter everyone using the sword, because the knights are immune to everything else. After you kill everything, DO NOT drop the sword.

From there, follow Toland (the little light) into the next platforming section. The problem here is that some of the platforms will be further apart than normal, and your jetpack will be barely enough to reach the other side. Therefore, you’ll have to use the Flying Sword trick. Jump up and forwards, tap the jetpack, then do a light attack, then double-tap jump for another little jetpack boost, then light attack. Rinse and repeat as necessary across the platforms until you reach the ascendant chest.

No Ascendant Chest – Destiny 2 Forsaken Ascendant Challenge Week 4

Some Guardians have been having trouble with this week’s Ascendant Challenge. Specifically, the Ascendant Chest, the reward for all of this trouble, didn’t appear for some people. Now, there’s some speculation as to why this is going on. The consensus seems to be that you have to keep the Sword Relic equipped at all times, even after you’ve killed the Hive Knights. Don’t drop it until you’ve gone all the way through to the chest. This seems to be the solution to the No Ascendant Chest problem. If this doesn’t help you, then it could just be a glitch. In that case, all you can do is wait for Bungie to fix it, unfortunately.

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