Tincture of Queensfoil - How to Use it in Destiny 2 Forsaken

Tincture of Queensfoil is an item in Destiny 2 Forsaken. It only appears in the Dreaming City, where you can get it in several ways. A lot of players are confused by it, and cannot figure out what exactly it does. If you’re troubled by the growing stack of these in your inventory, look no further. This guide will explain how to use Destiny 2 Tincture of Queensfoil.

destiny 2 tincture of queensfoil
Destiny 2 Tincture of Queensfoil

How to get Tincture of Queensfoil?

Tincture of Queensfoil is a relatively common item, at least in the Dreaming City. Once you’ve unlocked the area, you’ll be able to get it from public events, region chests, ascendant chests and many other sources. It’s really not that hard to obtain – just stay in the city and keep doing guardian stuff.

What to do with Tincture of Queensfoil?

You drink it. No, really. It looks nasty, and the description says it’s “viscous”, so it almost certainly doesn’t taste nice, but you are still supposed to drink it. When you do, it will “open your mind to the secrets of the Dreaming city”. In practical terms, this means you’ll get a buff called Ascendant, which lasts 30 minutes. It will allow you to see otherwise invisible platforms.

Jumping on these and following the precarious path that reveals itself as you go will lead you to ascendant chests. They’re nothing special – you’ll get some Dark Fragments, a bottle of your new favorite drink and a blue item. Still, if you’re farming weekly bounties from Petra, you’re going to appreciate the additional fragments.

Some players say it also allows you to see and use mysterious portals that transport you across the map, but we haven’t been able to find any of those, so take that with a grain of salt. Or three. Anyway, since you can only stack five Tinctures in your backpack, don’t be affraid to chug a bottle from time to time.



    Nick Marecle

    If you go to the Garden and you drink the Tincture of Queensfoil, there should be a portal that appears as you venture farther into that location. It might already be there before you take it but I’ve never seen it there before. And it takes you to a temple but i haven’t found anything in it so far.


      There are a number of portal.scatterd around the map, that lead to and from the confluence – which is south west of Petra (tinctire is not needed)

        1 severely~unhingednarwhal

        Lol you make me laugh

      Zach reid

      If you go to the observatory where you meet with petra the first time in the dreaming city and drop off the bridge at the entrance theres a ledge that leads to a portal which leads to a zone known as the confluence from there you can find portals that lead almost anywhere in the map. no tincture needed

    K man

    It’s for ascendant challenges to see a portal for this event you must drink this there is a portal for each week look it up on YouTube for more info

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