Destiny 2 Beta Cannot Change Gender & Race

Destiny 2 beta has started a couple of hours ago, and some players are dissatisfied with parts of it. One of the biggest issues we’ve seen the community report is the lack of choice when creating your character at the start. Namely, you cannot change gender and race in Destiny 2 beta. You can only pick a class, and the game will serve you a pre-made guardian with random race and gender.

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destiny 2 cannot change gender race
Destiny 2 beta can’t change guardian race & gender

For example, you might pick a Hunter and end up with an Exo male. You might pick a Titan, and get a Human female. There’s no telling what’ll happen, and you can’t choose or change them. One on hand, it’s just a beta – progress will certainly be wiped, and it’s only going to last until the end of the week. On the other hand, something that’s normally a big choice has been taken away from players, and they naturally don’t like it.

If you’re really bothered by this, you can roll another character and hope it turns out more to your liking. Even though it looks like there are only two character slots available, another will open up as you fill them with unwanted guardians. Three slots isn’t all that much, but you can delete the guardians you’ve made once all three are full. To delete a character, move the cursor over it and press Square. Since there are only two genders and three races, the number of combinations is low enough that you’ll eventually get lucky.

It’s not as straightforward as it should be, but at least it’s doable. We’ve tested it ourselves, and got both male and female guardians of Human and Exo origins. We didn’t manage to roll an Awoken, but we’re fairly certain they’re available as well. Just be patient and keep rerolling.

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