Destiny 2 Can't Get & Modify Clan Banner & Progression Problems

Destiny 2 Clans are finally taking off, with Bungie pushing the button to implement clan progression and banners. Most players are now able to converge with their clanmates and try to get back their light together. However, some are experiencing problems. There are reports of founders being unable to either create or modify clan banners, entire clans not getting rewards or clan XP, and more.

destiny 2 can't get modify clan banner progression problems
Destiny 2 Can’t Get & Modify Clan Banner & Progression Problems

Destiny 2 clan banner problems

Clan banners are supposed to be picked up from Hawthorne, but she doesn’t want to play nice. Many players are having issues retrieving their banners from her, effectively stopping them from really joining a clan. Aside from that, admins and founders are supposed to have the ability to modify clan banners, but a large number of them are saying they can’t. If you’re one of them – remember, you have to do it from the Destiny Companion app, not the game itself. Aside from that, there’s no useful advice to share – wait for the devs to fix the issue.

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Destiny 2 clan progression issues

According to Bungie, in order to enable clan progression, you’ll have to:

  • Have at least two members in your clan.
  • Make sure you have the clan banner.
  • Restart the game.

However, things aren’t working as intended. People are reporting not being able to get clan engram rewards from Hawthorne, clan XP not tallying and more. There’s really no workaroung here. Avoid clan activities until the devs repair the game.

Destiny 2 clan founders & admins demoted randomly

Some clan founders and admis have reported being randomly demoted. Affected admins could ask other admins from the clan to give them the title again. Founders, on the other hand, don’t have a way to transfer the title. If you’re affected by this, it seems like your only chance is to write to Bungie and hope they are willing to help.

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