Destiny 2 Challenges - Where to find Hive Knights, Pikes

Challenges are small tasks in Destiny 2. You can have up to five of them active, and they reset each day. Most of them are simple enough – kill X Cabal, finish a specific Lost Sector, loot some chests. However, some can be tough to complete. It’s hard to kill Hive Knights when you can’t find any. That’s why we’re making this guide – to help you complete Destiny 2 challenges and show you where to find Pikes, Hive Knights and other hard to find enemies.

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destiny 2 challenges
Destiny 2 Challenges – Where to find Hive Knights, Pikes

Note: This guide is still under construction. We’ll add more challenges as they’re introduced into the game. Stay tuned, and feel free to comment if you find any of them particularly frustrating.

Where to find Hive Knights – Grand Melee Challenge

There are several Hive lairs on Titan, but the one we found the most rewarding is on Siren’s Watch. The entrance is near the bridge that goes to The Rig, and you can see it from the landing zone. Once you’re inside, jump to the upper level and go deeper. You’ll find your target in a brightly lit room with large windows. Teleport back to the landing zone and return, and the knight should be there again.

Where to find Pike?

Several challenges require you to kill enemies using a Fallen Pike. First of all, when a Pike gang’s near, a message will pop up to let you know about them. If you need to find one on Nessus, head to the public event flag near Exodus Black. They’ll pass by at some point – all you have to do is wait. Thankfully, you can take part in the public events while you’re waiting. If you need a Pike on EDZ, a good place to set up an ambush is in the Gulch, where the road dives into the lake.

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