Cavern of Souls Varghul Fragment of Oryx - Destiny 2 Wanted Bounty

Varghul, Fragment of Oryx is a target in one of the wanted bounties in Destiny 2 Forsaken. He’s a Taken Knight, an escaped convict from the Prison of Elders, hiding out in the Cavern of Souls. If you talk to Spider at the Tangled Shore, he’ll send you to hunt him down. Some players are having trouble finding this boss in the EDZ, which is why we’ve decided to write this Destiny 2 Cavern of Souls Varghul, Fragment of Oryx guide.

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destiny 2 cavern of souls varghul fragment of oryx
Destiny 2 Cavern of Souls Varghul Fragment of Oryx Wanted Bounty

Varghul, Fragment of Oryx – Cavern of Souls Location

As the description states the lost sector is in the European Dead Zone. Open the director and select the landing spot at The Sludge. The entrance to the lost sector is southwest of the landing spot, in the industrial complex. Look for a truck, then go around it and through the container next to the mark.

Follow the tunnels until you see a blight spawning. That’s where you’ll find Varghul. He’s a Taken knight with a ranged weapon. Before you take him on, you should first clear out all the other enemies – some of them can shield him with their weird Taken magicks. Use the rocks around the arena to get away from him if you need a breather. If he starts glowing blue, avoid shooting at him – look for the enemy projecting the shield instead.

Once you’re done, use the Wanted Bounty item from your inventory to get the reward. It’s going to be a legendary item, and if you’re below power level 520, there’s a high chance it’s going to be better than whatever you’re using right now. If not, you can always dismantle it for some legendary shards – you’re going to need those in order to get Masterwork Cores. You’ll definitely need a lot of those.

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