Destiny 2: Forsaken Masterwork Cores - best way to get

Masterwork Cores are items in Destiny 2 that can be used for gear upgrade. They were introduced with Masterworks after the launch of Destiny 2. With the Forsaken expansion Masterwork Core item became even more important. Its first purpose was in re-rolling the stat bonuses on Masterworks, but now it has an additional role. If you want to upgrade the light of any gear item you’ll need four Masterwork Cores. The question that pop ups immediately is how to get Masterwork Cores in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Masterwork Cores

Easiest way to get Masterwork Cores in Forsaken

Yesterday when the Forsaken update dropped, most Destiny 2 fans were disappointed with new changes to the Infusion system. Finding MasterWork Cores turned out not to be as easy as most of players thought it will be. In the list below we’ll share with you how to find Masterwork Cores:

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1. The easiest way to get Masterwork Cores is from new vendor Spider. You can buy them for Leendary Shards, but the cost doubles for each purchase on the same day. The first piece you can get for 10 Legendary Shards, the second one for 20 Shards, third for 40 shards, and so on. The great news is that the price resets daily.

2. They’re much easier to obtain when you hit level 50. Dismantling high level gear will give you one masterwork core even if the gear itself isn’t masterworked. Dismantle new Destiny 2 Year 1 items, but only those obtained after the patch. You get one masterwork core (small chances for 2 pieces) from dismantling legendaries.

3. If you have a “Finest Matterweave” item, according to the description boss kills have a chance to drop a masterwork core. Unfortunately effect lasts until a masterwork core is dropped.

4. Masterworks Year 1 armor will always dismantle to one Masterwork Core, while Year 1 weapons can dismantle to one or two cores, but no longer three.

5. Unfortunately Masterwork acquisition in Pre-Forsaken raids has been lowered from 50% to 10% to be in line with Masterwork drops in Forsaken

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  1. S
    Sam Barrow

    In #2, what did you mean by dismantling “high level” gear? I’m currently level 50 and I’m not getting any masterwork cores when I dismantle the legendary gear I get.

    1. A

      I think I had read some where that only masterwork items drop cores when dismantled

    2. J

      I’m not 50 yet, but you may be dismantling gear aquired before the patch?

    3. B
      Biker Dash

      I’m having that same issue. And it seems that they have, for the most part, stopped dropping masterwork items. Hell, I’m lvl 50 and 501 light, and 95% of the stuff I find is sky blue rare.

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