Destiny 2 Cayde Treasure Locations - Nessus, October 10th-17th

Cayde’s treasure chests are a weekly activity in Destiny 2. After each weekly reset, you can approach Cayde and buy the treasure maps for 5k glimmer apiece. They’ll mark the chest locations on your map, but some of them are still hard to find, even with the mark. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Cayde treasure locations on Nessus for the week of October 10th-17th.

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destiny cayde nessus october 10th-17th
Destiny 2 Cayde Treasure Locations – Nessus, October 10th-17th

Cayde Nessus treasure locations – October 10th

The first chest is near Exodus Black. When you land, head to the northeast corner of the area, near the giant wreck. Follow the blue glow into the cave, and keep walking until you hit the blue barrier. Turn around, and you’ll see the chest. For the second one, spawn at Artifact’s Edge and head east. When you get to the Hallows, jump down into the hole. Follow the tunnel southeast and turn around near the exit. You’ll see the chest on a ledge.Go back to where you entered the hole, and take the eastern tunnel. Follow it until you reach the giant ball, then go down the orange corridor leading southeast. After a lot of twists and turns, you’ll end up in a chamber with no floor and a bunch of floating rocks. The chest will be on a ledge across the chasm.Teleport to Watcher’s Grave, then head north. Just before you leave the valley, you’ll pass a giant tree. Climb it, and you’ll find the chest on one of its branches. Continue into the Tangle, and take the lower path. Look for a golden glow from a cave on your right. Enter that cave, and make a left as soon as you can, after the glowing area. Follow the tunnel to the chest.

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