Destiny 2 Contact Heroic Public Event - How to Start

Contact is a new public event in Destiny 2. It was added in the Season of Arrivals, and it involves a strange floating pyramid and waves of unrelenting enemies. Naturally, everyone’s wondering how to start the heroic version of it – face more enemies, but get better rewards. It’s pretty simple, but it’s hard to pull off. If you’re wondering how to start heroic Contact in Destiny 2, this guide will show you the exact steps.

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destiny 2 how to start heroic contact
Destiny 2 Contact Heroic Public Event – How to Start

How to start heroic Contact?

The event involves killing enemies, collecting the motes they drop and depositing them into the bank under the floating pyramid. There are four waves in each event, and once you’ve either filled up the bank or the timer has run out, the wave will end and you’ll have to defeat a bunch of Taken blockers before the next one starts.

In order to start the heroic version of this public events, you’ll have bank special orbs called Blooms. They appear at certain times, and you’ll know it’s time to look for it when a chat message says “Concentrated Darkness coalesces nearby”. The pyramid will shoot out a beam towards the orb, and you’ll have to go and grab it. There’s usually a champion guarding it, and they can pick it up, which makes things a bit harder.

If you manage to bank every Bloom that appears before the boss in the final wave, you’ll trigger the heroic version of the event. So the only difference is in the final fight – in the regular version, you’ll fight the Will of Quria. In the heroic, you’ll face off against a Taken Pyromaster, protected by a pylon that emits a shield. It’s a difficult fight, and having strength in numbers really helps the cause, so try to goad as many people as possible into joining.

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