Destiny 2 gameplay trailer released, plus changes to PvP, new classes and more

Bungie had a big reveal today, with Destiny’s sequel presented from all angles. There was a lot of talk about the PC version, which is definitely a big step as Bungie has worked with consoles only for a long while. Perhaps this is why Vicarious Visions is working on the PC version.

If you have missed the news, Destiny’s (and Earth’s) Last City has fallen to a hostile alien force and it is up to you to retake it and defend the Traveler. Oh, and all your gear is gone, as the Red Legion, led by Ghaul has…well, they’ve taken it all. Tough break. Still, there will be new guns and new abilities to make up for everything you’ve lost. Hopefully, it will be even more fun to get everything back than it was getting it in the first place.

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The gameplay trailer does not give away much, but it does provide quick cuts between the cinematic and the actual first person action. These snippets show off that a lot has stayed the same, but it would appear that the number of usable vehicles has increased, while there will be new sub-classes wielding some interesting weapons. These are the Arcstrider for the Hunter class (able to summon a staff), Sentinel for the Titan class (knocks back enemies with a shield) and the Dawnblade for the Warlock class (summons a flaming sword producing waves of energy).

From what has been heard, the PvP modes switch from 3v3 and 6v6 to 4v4. Why exactly this is done has not been said. You will be able to get much more information in the heat of battle, via your heads-up display. Bungie stated that they are going for “experience that’s easy to get into, but hard to master”. They also mentioned that they want to make the game more accessible for the casual player, but also difficult enough for those who want a challenge.

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