Destiny 2 Essence of Despair - Moon Activities

Essence of Despair is a quest item in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. It can drop while you’re out and about, doing missions and being all guardiany. It’ll task you with completing a certain amount of activities on the Moon, and when you’ve done so, you’ll get a nice reward. If you’re having trouble figuring out which activities exactly fill up the gauge, keep reading our Destiny 2 Essence of Despair guide.

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destiny 2 essence of despair
Destiny 2 Essence of Despair – Moon Activities

How to cleanse Essence of Despair

Once you’ve obtained the item, pretty much any activity you do on the Moon will count towards completion. This includes collecting planetary resources, opening up loot chests, playing patrols and public events, as well as clearing lost sectors. Just keep goofing around on the new map and eventually, you’ll fill the bar. The quickest way would probably be the hardest, which means doing heroic public events. Quests aren’t mentioned anywhere, so it seems like they’re out of the equation.

Essence of Despair quest bug

A number of players have reported getting the quest item that starts the Essence of Despair mission, only to have it removed promptly. It doesn’t even appear in the quest trackers when they check, and speaking to Eris Morn doesn’t allow them to take it again – because they can only have one at a time. So the game claims they have it, yet it doesn’t allow them to actually try to complete it.

What happens is the game sees (or gets confused into thinking) that their quest tracker is full, so it sends the new quest item to the postmaster. If you have this problem, just talk to the robot and you’ll be able to pick it up, provided you’ve emptied out your quest log a bit. It’s a common issue in the new expansion, so expect to see it a lot more.

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  1. M
    Michael Will

    This doesn’t work for me. The postmaster doesn’t have the quest. Eris doesn’t have the quest. I can track the quest from the quests tab but the map won’t show it. I spent $70 on this content and now I can’t play it because of one of Bungies many, many game breaking bugs.

  2. D
    Dave Load

    Thanks for the advice. It worked for me. But I had to delete a fair bit of my old quests and also roam around the moon and complete a few bits and bobs before it arrived with the robot. Pain in the ass.

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