Etheric Spiral Destiny 2 - Where to Farm

Etheric Spiral is one of the materials in Destiny 2. It’s a relatively common material, one that doesn’t seem all that useful at first glance. However, since it was added to Spider’s Material Exchange, its value has risen. You can now exchange it for more valuable items, like Legendary Shards. With that in mind, a lot of people are wondering how to farm etheric spiral in Destiny 2, and that’s excatly what this guide is going to show you.

destiny 2 etheric spiral
Etheric Spiral Destiny 2 – Where to Farm

How to get Etheric Spiral?

The description for the Etheric Spiral in the game says that “Eliksni Ether reacted with anaerobic fungus to produce this strange plant”, which is not helpful at all. You can get it by harvesting nodes in the Tangled Shore, but the best way to get it is by completing Spider’s bounties. Each daily bounty you complete for him will give you five Etheric Spirals.

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This includes bounties like the Great Equalizer, which requires you to defeat 35 Fallen in Thieves’ Landing, or Flotsam and Jetsam, which tasts you with killing 35 Hive in Jetsam of Saturn. Just stick around the area and you’re bound to complete them sooner or later. There’s also Defend The Shore, for which you have to complete two public events on the Tangled Shore, and Lost on The Edge, which makes you complete the Shipyard AWO-43 lost sector on the Tangled Shore.

The bounties change both daily and weekly, so keep checking often and you’ll get more and more tasks. Even if you don’t manage to collect enough to make it worth your while this time, you should keep at it. Having a healthy stack of Etheric Spirals will allow you to buy a bunch of Legendary Shards when the opportunity arises – you need ten of the former for one of the latter this time.

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    What are they used for now? Doesn’t seem like The Spider exchanges them anymore. I’ve looked for countless times on where they can be exchanged as I have over 1000 of them and they just seem pointless to collect anymore besides for weapon upgrades.

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