Destiny 2 Exodus Crash Nightfall Strike Guide

Exodus Crash is the nightfall strike for the week of September 19th. It will task you with clearing out the Fallen troops from a giant ship in the Arcadian Valley. It comes with three modifiers this week – Prism, Attrition and Timewarp: Anomalies. The first two add a bit of challenge, but the last one makes it a lot easier to bear. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to complete Destiny 2 Exodus Crash nightfall strike.

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destiny 2 exodus crash nightfall strike
Destiny 2 Exodus Crash Nightfall Strike Guide

Exodus Crash Nightfall Modifiers – September 19th-26th

  • Prism – If you’ve played the previous nightfalls, you know how this one works. At any given moment, a certain element is in focus. This makes you do more damage with that element, and less with others. Kinetic isn’t affected, so you can use it as backup.
  • Attrition – Shield and health regeneration are slower, but enemies have a chance of dropping Pools of Light. These are essentially medkit – they’ll heal you and charge your super.
  • Timewarp: Anomalies – Anomalies that look like blue glowing cubes can be found during the strike. Destroying one will add 30 seconds to the timer.

Prism is quickly becoming a regular at nightfalls. You’ll need the right team setup to make it work. Make sure each player has a super of a different element, and that their energy and power weapons complement the super. This means everyone will have a way to deal each type of elemental damage, with kinetic as a backup.

How to complete Exodus Crash Nightfall Strike?

The most important thing here is to mind the modifiers. Call out whenever the elemental focus changes, so everyone can switch to the appropriate weapon. Keep your eyes peeled for the pools of light, since regeneration alone won’t be enough to stop you from dying. Finally, always keep one eye on the message log in the bottom left, since the game will tell you when there’s an anomaly nearby.

Your first task is to analyze the arc pulses. Don’t jump on your sparrow right away – there are anomalies along the road, and you’ll miss them if you try speeding through. Deal with the enemies, destroy the anomalies and interact with all the pillars of light. Once you’ve activated them all, you’ll have to defeat another group of enemies.

Watch out for the laser trip-mines when you get inside and head for the Exodus Black’s aft. The first bump in the road will be when you get to analyze the Fallen device. You’ll have to defend your ghost while he scans the device. Good communication is key here. You should spread out and stay behind cover, leaving only to get the medkits. Save your supers for the giant servitors. Once the barrier is down, you can ignore the remaining enemies.

You’ll have to scan another batch of arc pulses here, and fight a Fallen Walker before you enter the ship. The public events will have taught you how to deal with these. Once you’re in the ship, deal with the Fallen, then make sure you destroy all the anomalies. There’s a bunch of them here, and they’re easy to spot – the room is really dark, and they’re glowing. This is your last chance to replenish your timer.

How to defeat Thaviks, The Depraved?

The Thaviks boss fight is a tough one – you’ll have to worry about timing, positioning, and cooldowns. Thaviks can turn invisible. In fact, he’ll spend most of the fight that way, only appearing to slap you around from time to time. He’ll dish out a few slaps, then disappear again. You need to stay on your toes while dealing with the adds. It’s probably best to stay in the middle and keep your eyes on the lanes from there. When you see a Thaviks approaching, call out and use your super or grenades. Try to dodge his attacks, as you won’t have many opportunities to leave your post and get the pools of light.

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