Destiny 2 Cayde Titan Treasure Map Locations Guide

Destiny 2 Titan treasure maps can now be bought from Cayde-6. The chests, or Cayde’s Stashes, are scattered across the map. They can be found in The Rig, Siren’s Watch, and The Solarium. There’s a total of five Cayde treasure chests on Titan that you can collect. If you’re having trouble finding them, then our Destiny 2 Cayde Titan Treasure Locations guide is the place for you.

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Destiny 2 Cayde Titan Treasure Map Locations Guide
Destiny 2 Cayde Titan Treasure Map Locations Guide

First Cayde-6 Titan Loot Chest Location

The first Cayde-6 treasure on Titan is fairly easy to find. After you buy the map from Cayde, go to Titan and pick Siren’s Watch as your landing zone. Head southeast, in the direction of The Rig, and you’ll come across a tower marked 01. Go inside and, just before the exit, take a look among the boxes in the right corner. That’s where the first Cayde-6 Titan treasure chest is. For us, it dropped the Dire Promise Hand Cannon, RPC Valiant, an Energy Bracket Mod, the Legion-Bane chest armor, and a Perfectly Normal Coin.

Cayde Titan Treasure Chest #2

This chest is also lying pretty much in the open. From the landing zone, go south and slightly to the east to where the map marker is guiding you. Cayde’s stash is on a platform behind some metal stairs. It’s not difficult to jump over there. Inside, we found a Letter Fragment.

Where to find Cayde’s Third Stash Loot Chest on Titan?

Cayde’s third stash is hiding in the southern part of The Rig. As you enter the building (it’s the one with a low, blue roof with a large red sun above the entrance), keep an eye open on the left until you see a yellow-glowing entrance overgrown with alien guff. When you climb the staircase, you’ll see the chest straight ahead of you. Jump over the gap and collect what’s inside. In our case, it had a Legendary Engram, a Solar Paragon Mod, and Primal Siege Type 1 Leg Armor.

Destiny 2 Titan – Cayde Treasure Map Chest 4

After you go into the Solarium area, hang a left, jump up onto the ruined platform, and head up the stairs, all the way up. At the end of your climb, you’ll run into some enemies. Dispatch them, and look around you. In the far left corner (from where you ended your climb), next to some control panels, you’ll find Cayde’s fourth stash on Titan. Inside, we found RPC Valiant Leg Armor and the Mark of Inquisition Titan Mark.

Final Cayde Treasure Stash Location on Titan

In the area described above, find a colorful wall that has a long, red, vertical crack in it. On the right, just after the staircase, search the corner on the right. The chest is lying there; it’s difficult to miss it. It gave us the Three Graves kinetic rifle and Primal Siege Type 1 chest armor.

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