Destiny 2 Exotic Gear, New Weapon System - Kinetic, Energy, Power

The Destiny 2 gameplay reveal livestream event (and the accompanying Youtube videos) are a treasure trove of information about the game. Among the many things we saw in them are some of the first Destiny 2 exotic weapons, as well as a new weapon system. The new system replaces the primary, secondary and heavy slots with kinetic, energy and power. This is supposed to reshuffle the meta, changing the way players build their loadouts. Read on to see everything we’ve found out about the weapons in Destiny 2.

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destiny 2 exotic gear new weapon system explained
Destiny 2 exotic weapons

Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons

We’ve already seen several exotic weapons in the publicly available footage:

  • Sweet Business – An auto rifle with 200 attack, a large magazine and increased hip fire accuracy. It has a perk that increases your range and rate of fire when you hold down the trigger for longer periods, and loads ammo pickups into the mag automatically.
  • Riskrunner – A submachinegun with 200 attack, whose power increases when you take Arc damage. It has a perk that synergizes with Arc Conductor, letting you shoot out chain lightnings and return ammo when it’s active.
  • Sunshot – A handcannon with 200 attack that highlights targets and shoots explosive ammo. One of its perks make your victims explode in a flare of Solar energy, presumably damaging anything nearby.

There were a couple more that weren’t shown so prominently – a rocket launcher that shoots out a volley of rockets and returns ammo on kill, and a curious handcannon. Some parts of the community suspect the rocket launcher to be the infamous Dubious Volley, whose name was datamined a while ago.

Destiny 2 Weapon System Explained

The new weapon system does away with the old primary, secondary and heavy categories. Instead, the slots are now called kinetic, energy and power. It seems like a lot of weapons can fit in both the kinetic and energy slot, like pulse rifles – it may be dependant on the type of damage they do. As for the power slot, it is reserved for things you’d except. Here are the types of weapons we’ve seen in each slot:

  • Kinetic: sidearm, auto rifle, pusle rifle
  • Energy: submachine gun, hand cannon, pulse rifle
  • Power: fusion rifle, sniper rifle, grenade launcher, rocket launcher, machine gun

A lot is unclear about the new system at this point, but we’ll be sure to share any new info we get. Stay tuned.

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