Destiny 2 Faction Rally Event Launch Date & Rewards Revealed

The first Faction Rally Event in Destiny 2 is slowly appearing on the horizon. It starts next week, and the three factions will return to the game. You’ll be able to choose between Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult. They each have unique weapons and armor, and the Rally winner will offer one special weapon to everybody. For a price, of course.

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Destiny 2 Faction Rally Event Launch Date & Rewards Revealed
Destiny 2 Faction Rally Event Launch Date & Rewards Revealed

When Does Faction Rally Event in Destiny 2 Start?

The first Faction Rally in Destiny 2 will start on Tuesday, September 26th, at 2 AM Pacific / 5 AM Eastern / 11 AM Central European Time. It will end a week later, on October 3rd, at the same time. Up to that point, you’ll be able to bring in the faction tokens. Bungie will announce the winner at 10 AM Pacific Time.

What are Destiny 2 Factions?

Like in the first Destiny, you’ll have three factions to choose from – Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult. Their representatives are Arach Jalaal, Executor Hideo, and Lakshmi-2, respectively.

For those new to Destiny and factions, each one of them have different goals that they aim to accomplish. The guys from Dead Orbit maintain that Earth should be left behind. Future War Cult believe that some kind of catastrophic, world-ending war is coming, and that they must fight in order to be ready when the time comes. Finally, New Monarchy want to elect one single ruler of humanity.

You can give your allegiance to one faction per character. You can earn Faction Tokens by going about your day in Destiny 2. Turning those tokens in to your faction leader, just like with all other vendors, boosts your vendor reputation , and you can get Legendary Engrams. During the Faction Rally, the stakes are raised. Each faction offers one pretty powerful weapon. The faction that wins then gets to sell said weapon. Members of the winning faction can buy it for 1.000 Glimmer, while others will have to pony up 50.000 Glimmer. So, you know, no pressure.

Faction Rewards – Weapons & Armor

These are the weapons that each faction will offer.

Now, for the usual faction rewards that you can get. You’ll notice there’s quite a bit of various weapons, armor pieces, and shaders you can get. Dead Orbit fellows tend to stick with white, black and gray, War ult are mostly yellow, blue and red, and Monarchy is white, red and gold.

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