Destiny 2 Forge Saboteurs Locations - Hunt Daily Bounty

Forge saboteurs are a new kind of enemy in Destiny 2. They appeared with the Black Armory update, and you’ll need to hunt them down for a daily bounty from Ada-1, the new vendor, and a bunch of other quests. Killing them won’t be a problem, but a lot of players are having trouble finding them, which is why we’ve written this Destiny 2 forge saboteurs locations guide.

destiny 2 forge saboteurs locations
Destiny 2 Forge Saboteurs Locations – Hunt Daily Bounty

Where to find forge saboteurs in Destiny 2?

Forge saboteurs aren’t actually new enemies in the true sense of the word. They’re basically reskinned high value targets, kinda like the captains from Spider’s bounties. You’ll find them roaming around, but they only spawn in certain areas. The Forge Sabouters Hunt daily bounty mentions four places you could look for them. The first two are in the European Dead Zone – the Gulch and the Outskirts. You’ve probably already been there and met at least one while looking for a weapon core. The next two are on Nessus – Artifact’s Edge and the Hallows.

All you have to do is go to one of the designated zones and roam it until a high value target spawns. Before you engage, be sure to check the enemy’s name. It should have the title “forge saboteur” after the name. If it’s them, feel free to blast them with everything you’ve got. If not, simply go to one of the other areas and look for another opportunity. The bounty shouldn’t take too long, as they’re spawning left and right at the moment. It might get more difficult in the future, if Bungie decides to lower their spawn rate or they start clashing with other activities, like Spider bounties. Until that happens, though, you’re safe – it’s a quick way to get on Ada’s good side and earn some nice stuff.

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