Destiny 2 Fortifier Yann The Quarry Wanted Bounty Location

Fortifier Yann is a Destiny 2 Forsaken bounty, which you can get at the Tangled Shore vendor Spider. Once purchased, the bounty lasts for one week, after which you have to buy it again. Fortifier Yann is an escapee from prison, and he’s in hiding in the EDZ. If you’re having trouble finding him, here’s our Destiny 2 Forsaken Fortifier Yann The Quarry location.

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Destiny 2 Fortifier Yann The Quarry Wanted Bounty Location
Destiny 2 Fortifier Yann The Quarry Wanted Bounty Location

Where to Find The Quarry Lost Sector Location – Fortifier Yann Bounty

Fortifier Yann is hiding away from your retribution in the European Dead Zone, aka EDZ, in The Quarry. The Quarry itself is located at the north of the EDZ map, in the Sunken Isles region. The Lost Sector is a little to the south of the second “E” in “Sunken Isles” on the map. The easiest way to get there is to land in the EDZ at the Sunken Isles landing zone. Summon your Sparrow, and zoom to the southwest.

You can use the gigantic spaceship on the horizon as the direction. As your driving, keep your eye on the left and hug the rock wall. Look out for the Lost Sector symbol on a boulder. The cave entrance to the Lost Sector is just below the symbol. Now, prepare yourself for a trek through the caves crawling with enemies. Fortifier Yann is far off in the bowels of The Quarry, and he’s fairly well-protected.

Wanted: Fortifier Yann Wanted Bounty Location on EDZ

Unfortunately for you, Fortifier Yann is hiding very deep in The Quarry Lost Sector. You’ll have to battle your way through an onslaught of Cabal to get to the cavern where Fortifier Yann is cowering. Clear out the first cavern, then head to the right, towards the blue light. Then, empty out the next cavern, head forward and around the corner. You probably could just run through these two caverns, up to you. Lastly, just crawl down the hole, and you’ll be in the cavern where Yann is. Oh, and another bunch of Cabal, too.

Fortifier Yann is a bit of a problem to spot among all of the enemies. He does have somewhat snazzier armor than the rest, and he does have the yellow health bar and the word “Wanted” in front of his name. But, you don’t have to worry too much about that, anyway. You should probably kill everything that moves in that cavern for good measure. You’re gonna want to get rid of those adds, anyway; you don’t need them chipping away at you while you’re engaged with Fortifier Yann. Dispatch the target and collect your loot.

If you’re looking to hunt down some other bounties, you can go back to Spider and get another one. In case you run into some trouble, you can look at some of our other Destiny 2 Forsaken Bounty guides, including Student of Beltrik, Ghaul Devotee, Metal Captain, and more.

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