Destiny 2 How to Open Hand Lock in Mysterious Box Quest

Hand Lock is one of the locks you have to open in the Destiny 2 Mysterious Box Quest. It is the second of four locks that you can currently open. Interestingly enough, you can open the Hand Lock much like the previous one, the Fishhook Lock. Specifically, you have to hunt down two targets during the Gofannon Forge activity. Our Destiny 2 How to Open Hand Lock in Mysterious Box Quest guide will show you how to unlock the lock, which enemies you have to kill to do so, etc.

Destiny 2 How to Open Hand Lock in Mysterious Box Quest
Destiny 2 How to Open Hand Lock in Mysterious Box Quest

How to Unlock Hand Lock on Destiny 2 Mysterious Box?

To open the Hand Lock on the Destiny 2 Mysterious Box, you first have to activate the Gofannon Forge on Nessus. This is the second forge that has been added for the Black Armory “storyline.” Once you do activate the forge, fight through the first wave of enemies. When it’s over, you’ll have to shoot down two shield drones between the two waves. One will spawn on the top of the huge fuselage wreckage that dominates the arena. The other will appear in front of a yellow section of wall to the left of the fuselage.

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Make sure to shoot both of them down before the second wave starts hitting hard. This should give you a buff called Maximum Temper; that’s your signal that you did the thing correctly. The next step is to simply complete the Gofannon Forge. Apparently, it doesn’t matter whether you finish the activity successfully or not, so that’s good. Although, you should probably attempt to clear it proper, just to be safe. Either way, once the event ends, you’ll get a huge crate to open for your rewards. The Black Armory key that opens the Mysterious Box Hand Lock should be in there. Incidentally, you can open the Fishhook Lock in a similar fashion in the Volundr Forge.

The Gofannon Forge is just a part of what you can do this week in Destiny 2. The other major event you can take part in is, of course, The Dawning. We’ve covered some of the activities in our guides, showing you how all Dawning treats recipes that you can bake, and how to unlock Dawning Cheer Sparrow mod upgrades, among other things.

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