Destiny 2 How to Open Fishhook Lock - Mysterious Box Quest

Fishhook lock is one part of the Mysterious Box exotic quest in Destiny 2. One of the new Black Armory exotic weapons is hidden behind it, and you’ll have to open this and three other locks in order to penetrate it. There seems to be some sort of time lock on the quest, but hard-working internet sleuths have managed to break the first lock. If you’re anxious to crack the box as soon as possible, this guide will show you how to open fishhook lock in Destiny 2.

destiny 2 how to open fishhook lock mysterious box
Destiny 2 How to Open Fishhook Lock – Mysterious Box Quest

How to open first lock on Mysterious Box?

According to u/Deathbring, the key is obtained in the Volundr Forge. Once you’ve gotten through the first wave and charged the forge using the 20 batteries, you’ll get another wave with the same instructions. Moments after the second wave starts, two shield drones will spawn on different sides of the arena. One will be where the cave opens up towards the forest, above the island with the fir trees, while the other will be in the deepest part of the cave.

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They’ll just hover in their positions, not attacking or taking part in the fight in any way. You’ll need to kill them both before the activity is over – you’ll get a buff called Maximum Temper when you do. It can be tough, especially if you’re playing with random people, as you’ll probably want to focus on the battery-dropping enemies and generally staying alive, but that’s what needs to be done. Just kill both of the drones, and once you’re done with the forge, a Black Armory crate will appear. Loot it and you’ll get the key for the fishhook lock.

As for the other locks on the Mysterious Box, we still know nothing about them. The next forge will go live in a couple of days, and we’ll probably know more then. One of them is bound to be tied to either it, or the new raid, which will go live on the same day.

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    I’ve got the mysterious box quest and have run the forge, killing both drones and acquiring the maximum temper buff. Did not receive anything at all from the chest. You might revise your guide.

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      It worked for me today. Something must have gone wrong for you.

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