Destiny 2 Sleeper Simulant Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle - Violent Intel

Sleeper Simulant is an exotic weapon in Destiny 2. It’s a linear fusion rifle, and you might remember it from the first game. It shoots out a beam that pierces enemies and bounces off hard surfaces. In order to get it, you’ll have to complete a series of quests from the Violent Intel item, some of which are bugged. If you’re having trouble with any of them, keep reading our Destiny 2 Sleeper Simulant guide.

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destiny 2 sleeper simulant exotic linear fusion rifle
Destiny 2 Sleeper Simulant Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle

How to get Sleeper Simulant in Destiny 2 – Violent Intel quest

First, you’ll need to complete the story campaign. Once that is out of the way, Ana Bray will start offering you missions on Mars through an item called Violent Intel. Keep doing them until you get one called A Piece of The Past. It will end with you entering Rasputin’s Chamber and getting the IKELOS HC V1.0.1. It’s a legendary hand cannon, and it will be at the center of the entire quest chain. Here’s what you’ll need to do with it:

Violent Intel: Defeat Hive and Cabal in Hellas Basin. You’ll have to down the Cabal with precision shots (hit the weak points, if the damage numbers are yellow, it will count).
Rasputin’s Culling: Defeat powerful enemies while having the hand cannon equipped – they’re the ones with the yellow health bars. You don’t need to use it, just have it on you.
Warmind’s Glory: Complete 5 heroic strikes with the hand cannon equipped. There’s a bug in this step, scroll down to read more about it.
Nodes and Protocols: Complete three levels of the Escape Protocol gauntlet. You don’t have to reach level 3 – you can beat level 1 three times, it’ll still count. You also have to open up 15 Sleeper Nodes. Through all of this, just make sure to have the gun equipped.
Protocol “Perfected Form”: This is the last step, and it’ll task you with finishing the 360 Light version of the Will of The Thousands mission, with the IKELOS gun equipped.

Warmind’s Glory progression bug – heroic strikes not counting

Some players have reported having trouble with this step. Namely, they completed heroic strikes with the weapon equipped, and the game didn’t count them. From what we’ve seen, these are the ones that didn’t cause problems for people: Inverted Spire, Pyramideon, Will of the Thousands. No matter which one you choose, make sure you neither you, nor your fireteam members use a Vanguard Boon. It seems to be connected to the bug – if you see someone has used it beforehand, leave the team and look for other allies.

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