Iron Banner Engram Power Level Bug & Reward Issues - Destiny 2

Iron Banner engram bugs have been plaguing season 4 of the popular PvP activity in Destiny 2 since it started. A lot of players have complained about getting the engrams at wrong power levels, 20 or so levels below what was promised by the description. It left a lot of people understandably frustrated. To top it off, there are reports of people not getting any rewards after a match of Iron Banner. In this guide, we’re going to list all known Destiny 2 Iron Banner engram bugs.

destiny 2 iron banner engram bug
Destiny 2 Iron Banner Engram Bug, Power Level & Reward Issues

Iron Banner engrams dropping at wrong power level

A bunch of people on Reddit and the official Bungie forums have complained about Iron Banner engrams decoding far below the promised levels. According to a post from a member of Bungie’s support team, it’s not the engrams that are broken, it’s the descriptions. The only two bounties that are supposed to reward players with powerful gear are Unrelenting and To Be Precise. All the others will just drop regular legendary gear.

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In the end, it probably won’t matter to those affected – they’ll feel cheated no matter what. If people expected powerful gear and got just a bunch of lukewarm legendaries, they probably won’t care if it’s the engrams or the descriptions that are at fault here.

Not getting Iron Banner rewards

There were some reports of people not getting their rewards after Iron Banner matches, including Crucible tokens and glimmer. This seems to only happen with hunters. Even people with multiple characters who noticed the bug had no such issues with warlocks and titans. The only thing you can do here is back off Iron Banner until Bungie issues a hotfix to patch up the issue.

Other than that, everything seems to be in working order. Hopefully Bungie irons out the issues quickly, since the Banner is only going to be around for so long.

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    Robert A

    The issue of no rewards dropping has effected my Titan and not my hunter. It may be affecting the first character chosen, but I switched to my after 11 games no rewards and went with my hunter who was getting drops. Just a helpful baseline as it is impacting more than just hunter class.

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