Cavern of Souls Silent Fang Wanted Bounty Location - Destiny 2

Silent Fang in Destiny 2 Forsaken is a new bounty you can get from Spider on the Tangled Shore. It counts as an Adventure, and it will take you on the hunt for Silent Fang in an EDZ Lost Sector. The question is, where is Silent Fang in the lost Sector on EDZ. Also, how do you defeat the Wanted Bounty, because, the dude is pretty tough. So, our Destiny 2 Forsaken Silent Fang Wanted Bounty location guide is going to answer those questions.

Cavern of Souls Silent Fang Wanted Bounty Location - Destiny 2
Cavern of Souls Silent Fang Wanted Bounty Location – Destiny 2

Where to Find Silent Fang Bounty Location?

Silent Fang is hiding in the EDZ, in the Cavern of Souls Lost Sector, which, in turn, is in the area called The Sludge. When you get the bounty for Spider, a map icon will appear on the map of the EDZ. So, hop into your ship, and disembark on The Sludge landing zone. From there, it’s only a short walk away. The icon will lead you to a sword in the ground. Pick it up to start the Adventure, then head into the Lost Sector.

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The first cavern you come across is going to be full of enemies, including Varghul, Fragment of Oryx, which is one of the Wanted targets. Clear out the room, and make sure to pick up the Explosives that the Exploder Shank enemies drop when you kill them. This will be extremely important in the fight. Head up and forward through the cavern, and use the explosives to destroy the shield generator to clear the way. This moment basically teaches you how to defeat Silent Fang.

How to Beat Silent Fang Wanted Bounty?

Once you get inside the lair of Silent Fang, the nightmare begins. Silent Fang has a shield that protects him from everything. You’ll have to use the Explosives to destroy the generators, all the while killing adds. Yes, you can deal damage to him with Explosives only, and nickel-and-dime him that way. It’s hard, but it’s doable. That said, try and get Silent Fang in front of one of the generators, so that you can both deal damage to him and get rid of the generator. There will be more Exploder Shanks to give you explosives.

Once you bring down the shield, Silent Fang will be open for about a minute or two. Ideally, you should wipe him out in that window. Otherwise, the second wave will begin, and it’s much more difficult than the first. You might not get him the first time around; just keep working on it, you’ll get him eventually. Alternatively, you might have to bring some friends on the adventure to make things easier.

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