Destiny 2 Memory of Sai Mota - Moon Lost Sector Locations

Memory of Sai Mota is a mission in Destiny 2. In order to complete it, you’ll have to finish the Lunar Spelunker weekly bounty, then bring the Firewall Data Fragment you’ve been rewarded with into a hidden room in one of the lost sectors. This mission is a prerequisite for the Symphony of Death exotic quest. If you’re stuck on this quest, you’re either having trouble with the Moon lost sector locations, or the location of the secret room in K1 Revelation. Our Destiny 2 Memory of Sai Mota guide will show you both, just in case.

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Shadowkeep lost sector locations

In order to complete the Lunar Spelunker bounty, you’ll have to find, explore and complete three lost sectors on the Moon. Once you’ve done this, you’ll get an item you need to bring to the fourth one. This means you’ll have to visit all of them if you want to finish this. Our map shows their locations, and we’ll show you exactly where the entrances are below that.

destiny 2 moon lost sector locations

K1 Communion

This one is in the eastern part of the Anchor of Light (number 1 on the map). Go under the orange building, past the stairs and to the left. Follow the corridors and go down into the cave, and before you know it, you’ll reach it.

K1 Logistics

This lost sector can be found in the north of Archer’s Line (number 2). Go to the western side of the ruined building and look for an entrance. Once inside, turn left and go under the fallen ceiling. Follow the tunnels and you’ll get there in no time.

K1 Crew Quarters

You’ll find this lost sector in the southern part of Hellmouth (number 3). Search the area for what looks like a container stuck in the side of the hill. Go inside, and it’ll turn out to be bigger than it looked. Follow the path to get to the lost sector.

destiny 2 k1 crew quarters lost sector location

K1 Revelation

This one’s in Sorrow’s Harbor (number 4 on our map). The entrance is in the middle of the area. If you approach it from the landing point in the west, jump over the stone slab with the lost sector mark, drop down into the clearing and turn around.

Where to use Firewall Data Fragment in K1 Revelation?

The data fragment can be used in a side room near the end of the lost sector. Once you’re past the floating platforms, go up the stairs and look up and to the right. You’ll see a tunnel with a yellow light there. Follow it and you’ll get to a locked door. If you use the Firewall Data Fragment on the door, it’ll open, letting you take the Broken Necklace of Sai Mota and continue with the quest.

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