Destiny 2 Legendary Shards Farming Guide

Legendary Shards are a new type of currency in Destiny 2. At this point, we know they’re what you’ll use to buy exotic gear from Xur. They may have other uses – like infusing and upgrading your weapons – but these haven’t been confirmed. Legendary shards are hard to get, and will require a lot of grinding. This guide aims to help you get rich quick and buy all the exotics you want, by showing you some Destiny 2 legendary shard farming methods and locations.

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destiny 2 legendary shards farming
Destiny 2 Legendary Shard Farming

How to Farm Legendary Shards in Destiny 2?

There’s only one reliable way of getting these, and it’s dismantling legendary and exotic gear. Each legendary item you disenchant will produce two Legendary shards, while every exotic one will reward you with ten. It’s reliable, but it’s also expensive – we’re a long way from having duplicate yellows and a bunch of purples just gathering dust in the vault. There are other ways, though.

As they are a replacement for strange coins, don’t expect them to drop from random enemies. However, there are activities which will reward you with these, and many of them are part of the weekly reset. This means you’ll be able to complete them once per week, and the counters will reset on Tuesdays. These include:

  • Strikes (bosses might drop them, although rarely)
  • Raids (can be found in chests and as drops)
  • Lost Sectors (sometimes found in chests at the end)
  • Nightfall
  • Public sector chests (although rather rarely)
  • Flash Points

You can always try to get them indirectly, if you’re out of options. Gather as much EDZ tokens as you can, then use them to buy engrams and hope they decrypt into legendary gear. It’s not the optimal way, and there might be a better way to spend tokens, but if you’re out of options and Xurday is slowly inching closer, it’s worth a shot.

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