Destiny 2 Leveling Guide - How to raise power / light level fast

Leveling up in Destiny 2 is pretty straightforward – you do activities, gain experience, level up. Then you hit the cap, and start working on your power level. It’s pretty simple, but it takes a lot of time. There are shortcuts you can take, though, which allow you to raise your power level fast. Our Destiny 2 leveling guide will show you how to raise your light level fast.

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destiny 2 leveling guide how to increase power level
Destiny 2 Leveling Guide – How to raise power / light level fast

How to Level Up Quickly?

The short answer is: do missions. The level cap in Destiny 2 is at level 20. You’ll reach it fairly quickly – pretty much everything you do in the game will earn you EXP. In order to do it quickly, you should first focus on the story missions. They’re the most rewarding in terms of experience. If you’re not at level 20 once you’re done with the campaign, do strikes or crucible – whichever suits you better. Once you hit the cap, you’ll have to start working on your power level.

How to Increase Light Level Fast?

This can only be done by getting better gear. Don’t be fooled by the name change – the power level is exactly the same as the light level from the previous game. It’s a tally of the power levels of all your equipment, and the only way to raise it is to get your hands on better stuff. Do high level activities, decrypt engrams, and try not to disregard the less important stuff like sidearms. You may not use it much, but its level has an impact on your overall score. Decrypt your engrams as soon as you can, too, so you can get the most out of them.

How to Get Past Power Level 260?

Milestones are the only way to get past this limit. Most of them are weekly tasks, and there’s only so many of them in a given week. Try avoiding them before you hit this nasty plateau. Since they reset weekly, you should complete them before the reset even if you’re below 260. However, the higher your power level, the better the rewards they give, so keep that in mind.

Destiny 2 Maximum Power Level

We don’t have a way to check at the moment – the official word is that 300 is the max light level. However, internet sleuths have discovered images and files in the companion app that show weapons with power levels of 400 and even 600. These may be left over from developer tests, where they could’ve changed the stats of a weapon in order to test something. We’ll know more after the game launches.

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