Destiny 2 Mask of The Quiet One Exotic Titan Helmet

Mask of the Quiet One is an exotic helmet in Destiny 2. It’s can only be worn by titans, even though it gives off a warlocky vibe. It’s got a pretty neat perk that helps with cooldowns, and looks positively demonic. There’s no certain way to get it at this point, but there are some activities that have a higher chance of rewarding you with it. We’re going to list them, and we’ll stay on the lookout for better ways to get Destiny 2 Mask of The Quiet One exotic titan helmet.

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destiny 2 mask of the quiet one exotic helmet
Destiny 2 Mask of The Quiet One Exotic Titan Helmet

How to get Mask of The Quiet One exotic helmet?

If you want to get this helmet, your best bet are exotic engrams. As far as we know, there’s no quest tied to it – you’ll just have to farm those engrams and hope for the best. Multiple people have reported getting it from the Lumionus Planetary Engram, which they received as a reward for completing Cayde’s Flashpoint Milestone in the European Dead Zone.

As for the helmet itself, it has a bronze tint, long, pointy ears, giant, slightly curved horns, a purple neon light right in the middle of the face and a piece of chain mail covering it. It’s really a sight to see. Its perk is called Dreaded Visage. It gives you health regeneration after you perform kills with Void abilities, and replenishes some of your melee, grenade and class ability energy when you take damage.

It doesn’t appear to be part of a set, but it would be amazing if were able to dress our titans entirely in this kind of futuristic medieval armor. For now, though, we’ll have to make do with the demon helmet – well, those of use that had the good fortune of getting it, at least.

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