Randal the Vandal Found in Destiny 2

Randal the Vandal has been spotted in Destiny 2. Players have noticed him lurking around in the European Dead Zone, off to the northwest. The name of the Fallen Reaver Vandal should ring the bells of all seasoned Destiny players. In Destiny 2, he’s once again tough-as-nails, but it’s always good to see a familiar face. Even if it’s the ugly mug of Randal the Vandal.

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Randal the Vandal Found in Destiny 2
Randal the Vandal Found in Destiny 2

Where is Randal the Vandal in Destiny 2?

Randal the Vandal is located on a tiny island the north of the Sunken Isles, in the furthest northwest corner of the EDZ on the map. You can find said island beyond the humongous ship; the one that you’ll visit in tanks during the course of the story campaign. There are several pine trees there, so it’s easy to recognize. Head over and say hi to Randal.

Like in the previous game, Randal the Vandal in Destiny 2 has a disproportionate amount of health, and his attack is really strong. If you’re still a lower-level Guardian, you probably shouldn’t mess with him without a friend to help you out. There’s no particular strategy to defeating Randal, just keep pummeling him until he drops. Then, go ahead and tell everyone that you did it, as we know you will.

The Fallen Reaver Vandal, affectionately nicknamed Randal by the fans, harkens back to the first Destiny. He used to appear in the Forgotten Shore area, right about where the map connects to The Grottos. Players noted him for being unexpectedly difficult. Bungie noted this, and has since dropped a reference to him in the Wrath of the Machine raid in Destiny 1. The players could run into Rhandel the Perfected. It’s nice to see that the developers have decided to include Randal the Vandal in Destiny 2, as well. And he’s hidden just well enough that you won’t bump into him directly, but odds are, you’ll find him easily enough.

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