Destiny 2 Memory of Omar Agah Hive Wizard & Throwing Knives Locations

Memory of Omar Agah in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is a new quest that you can take from Eris Morn. There are two steps in the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Memory of Omar Agah quest. The first one requires you kill a powerful Hive Wizard, and the second requires collecting 20 Throwing Knives. Not too difficult overall, but it could present a bit of a challenge for some. Our Destiny 2 Memory of Omar Agah Hive Wizard & Throwing Knives Locations guide is gonna show you where to find a powerful Hive Wizard and how to get the Throwing Knives.

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Destiny 2 Memory of Omar Agah Hive Wizard & Throwing Knives Locations
Destiny 2 Memory of Omar Agah Hive Wizard & Throwing Knives Locations

Where to Find Powerful Hive Wizard in Memory of Omar Agah Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Quest?

To find the powerful Hive Wizard in the Memory of Omar Agah quest in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, there are several places you can look. For example, the Warsat Down public event on the Moon. Killing two yellow-health wizards is a part of the event, so you’re bound to complete this step of Omar Agah without too much trouble. All you have to do is splat one of them with any Super ability to proceed to the next step.

Alternatively, you can do what we did. Go to the K1 Revelation Lost Sector in Sorrow’s Harbor. As you make your way through the Lost Sector, you’ll eventually come across the Tormented Servant Nightmare. This thing counts as a powerful Hive Wizard. So, go ahead and wreck the fool using any Super ability, and you may proceed to the next step. There’s definitely other locations where you can find powerful Hive Wizards, but these two will do just fine.

How to Get 20 Throwing Knives in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Memory of Omar Agah?

To get the twenty Throwing Knives for the second step of the Memory of Omar Agah quest in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, you have to score precision final blows on powerful enemies. Plus, you have to use either the bow or the sniper. Now, there are several ways to go about this. For one, you can play the Crucible or Gambit and score the precision final blows on other people. However, this can get pretty aggravating. You do earn two Throwing Knives per kill in PVP, though, so that’s something.

What we chose to do was to farm powerful enemies by doing Escalation Protocols on Mars. This’ll take some time, but it’s less annoying than trying to do it in PvP. There’s one more alternative that we know of, and is probably the least difficult. Load up the Leviathan Raid. There are two rows of three Cabal at the far end of the bridge. Don’t approach them too close. Just find a good spot, take careful aim, and start killing. They’re gonna take forever to reach you, so you have plenty of time. When you run out of enemies, or possibly ammo, just reload the Raid and do it over until you have twenty Throwing Knives.

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