Destiny 2 Back Way - Banshee's Workshop Entrance Location

Back Way is a quest step in Destiny 2. It’s part of the Make Bows, Not War exotic quest, which rewards you with the Leviathan’s Breath bow. It’s the first step, and also the hardest. It requires you to find a hidden entrance into Banshee’s workshop, but it doesn’t give you any hints or pointers, and it doesn’t mark the entrance on the map. If you got stuck here, our Destiny 2 Back Way quest guide will show you how to enter Banshee’s workshop.

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destiny 2 back way banshee's workshop entrance location
Destiny 2 Back Way – Banshee’s Workshop Entrance Location

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How to get into Banshee’s workshop?

Getting into Banshee’s workshop if fairly convoluted, and the game offers no help whatsoever. If you don’t know the layout of the Tower inside out, chances are you’ll need some help. Go down to the Hangar, and climb the stairs to the right of the entrance. Once you’re at the top, follow the walkway around the room, then jump over the pipes to the other walkway – the one above the door. Enter the big pipe and follow it into a small room. Go through the vent into the room with the big red screens, then turn around and go through the door. Jump down and head into the small, dark warehouse. Go left and look for an opening in the ceiling above the shelves. Climb up there and follow the tunnel to the silo with the platforms. Jump up and you’ll end up in the workshop.

You’ll see the Leviathan’s Breath in a case there, but the case turns out to be locked. If you go back to Banshee afterwards, he’ll tell you how to unlock it, which allows you to proceed with the quest.

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