Destiny 2 Mercury Regional Chests in Curse of Osiris

Mercury Regional Chests are golden chests in Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris. They contain Mercury Tokens, glimmer and sometimes even legendary gear and engrams. There are five of them, and they’re all hard to get – some require acrobatic feats, others present you with puzzles. In this guide we’ll help you find all Destiny 2 Mercury Regional Chest locations, including the well hidden Lighthouse Chest.

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destiny 2 mercury regional chest locations curse of osiris
Destiny 2 Mercury Golden Chest locations

Lighthouse Region Chest on Mercury

The first golden chest is inside the Lighthouse, where Brother Vance is. You’ll spot it behind a power barrier under the pathway leading to the center. There are books on the shelves with the region chest logo – you need to find all five of them and interact with them in the correct order:

  1. On the desk behind Brother Vance (Compelling Book).
  2. On the far right bookshelf (Marked Book).
  3. To the left from the entrance (Aged Book).
  4. On the table on the right (Curious Book).
  5. High up on the shelf to the right from the Forge mural (Significant Book).

Mercury Golden Chest Locations

The rest of the chests are outside, in the sun-soaked plains of Mercury. Most will require a bit of jumping, and some are only obtainable while playing the Vex Crossroads public event. Here’s where you can find them:

  1. Once you’re in front of the Lighthouse, turn left and head around it. Hug the wall, and you’ll see the chest in the distance shortly. It’s on the lowest level, guarded by a Colossus.
  2. The third one is on the side of the giant pyramid in the south of the map. Approach the entrance, then go around on the right. Once you reach the metallic protrusions, start jumping on them to climb up the side. After several jumps, you’ll end up on a platform with the chest.
  3. This one is on the western island, and can only be accessed during the Vex Crossroads public event. Once you beat the elite enemy on the island, a floating diamond-shaped object will appear. Shoot it, and it will reveal a platform. Jump across the platforms that materialize, shooting the diamonds along the way. Once you’re up top, stand on the central platform and turn around. You’ll see the chest high up on one of the stone pillars.
  4. The last chest is similar to the previous, except it’s on the eastern island. Start the public event, go there, shoot the diamond that appears after the boss is down, then jump up the platforms. Once you’re on the top, you’ll see the chest past the gate.

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