Mindbender Secret Chest - Hiving In Plain Sight Triumph Destiny 2

Mindbender secret chest is a hidden loot chest you can find in Destiny 2 Forsaken. It’s only available during the Target: Mindbender adventure, and it’s really easy to miss. Opening it will give you the Secret Treasure emblem, and the Hiving In Plain Sight triumph. If you can’t locate it yourself, we’re here to help – you’ll find the Destiny 2 Mindbender secret chest & emblem location below.

destiny 2 mindbender secret chest emblem
Mindbender Secret Chest – Hiving In Plain Sight Triumph Destiny 2

How to get Secret Treasure emblem

First off, you’ll need access to the Mindbender adventure. You’ll find it in the Tangled Shore, in the middle of the Jetsam of Saturn. The suggested light level is 430. The quest is pretty straightforward – follow the markers, kill enemies, confront the boss. Once you’ve killed the baron, you’ll get the task to escape the ascendant plain. Don’t go through the portal leading back yet. Instead, take a good look at it. You’ll notice there’s something floating above it.

Go to the right of the portal, and look into the interdimensional maelstrom. You should notice floating platforms that look like obsidian slabs. Follow them – they’ll lead you up to the top of the portal. You’ll have to make haste – the portal will try to suck you in, and if you don’t make it up there before the invisible timer runs out, you’ll be teleported back without the item. No pressure though. Grab the item you find there – it’s a key of sorts (it acts like an orb, so don’t throw it away).

Now you can go through the portal. Once you’re on the other side, go right. You’ll see a big hive door. Use the orb on it, and it will break the lock. Loot the chest you find behind the door, and you’ll get your Secret Treasure emblem, as well as the Hiving in Plain Sight triumph.

If you don’t get it on your first playthrough, you’ll have to wait for this particular adventure to appear in the heroic rotation, which may take a while. It’s no big deal, since it isn’t an important reward you’re missing out, but still. Nobody likes feeling left out.




    Lore at the far left of the room when you exit the portal from the ascendant realm

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