Dead Ghost Stories Lore Triumph Locations - Destiny 2 Forsaken

Dead ghosts are collectibles in Destiny 2. They were added in the Forsaken DLC, and you can find them on all of the maps. Each on you collect will unlock a new Ghost Story, a snippet of text in teh Lore Triumph section of the compendium. They can be pretty hard to find, hidden in unusual places or just difficult to reach. This guide will show you all Destiny 2 Dead Ghost Stories lore triumph locations.

Tangled Shore Dead Ghost Locations

destiny 2 dead ghost story locations tangled shore
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The first Ghost Story in the new area is called Pressure. You’ll find it the High Planes. Land at Thieves’ Landing, then head east into Four-Horn Gulch. Go south, through the tunnel and past the tents. Turn right and look for a cave whose entrance is surrounded by stones with holes. Go inside and look at the ground by the pillar in the middle. The second one is called Ghost Hunter, and it’s in the Shipyard AWO-43 lost sector. You’ll find the entrance in a valley in the northeast of the Jetsam of Saturn. As you pass the hole in the wall that overlooks the shipyard, you’ll turn and see a makeshift bridge crossing a gap. The ghost will be on the right, on a ledge.

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Then there’s The We Before Us. You’ll find it in the Hall of The Exalted, a Fallen lair in the northeastern corner of the Jetsam of Saturn. Once you’re inside, look for a large staircase that leads to a balcony overlooking the boss room. The path to the boss room will be to the right. Look for the ghost on a ledge above the debris on the left. After that, you can look for To Map The Unknown. This one’s pretty easy. It’s hidden in the lair of Spider, the local vendor. Once you’re in front of him, look to the left. You’ll see a tiny room there, alight with a blue glow. Go there and look on top of the crate.

The fifth one is called Whether Windmills or Cranes. It’s in the Kingship Dock lost sector, east of Sorik’s Cut. When you enter the dock, head to the right part of the terrace. Look over the edge, and you’ll see a metal platform. Jump on it, and interact with the ghost. The next one is called Batteries Not Included, and you’ll find it in the Cobble, the winding area in the northeast of the map. When you reach the platform with the giant machine, look for a floating rock under it. Jump onto the rock to find the ghost.

The last piece of Ghost Story is the one called Who Guards The Guardians. It is hidden deep within the Wolfship Turbine lost sector. You need to go all the way to the boss chamber, the one with the canisters. When you climb the stairs into the arena, look for a small area alight with yellow crystals on the left. The ghost will be next to it. There’s also one ghost you can only get during the Machinist mission, called The Chosen’s Choice. It’s in Salvage Zone QX, the area where you end up once you get the tank. It’s on the crane in the yard, the one in front of the console that you need to use to open the door. If you miss it during the main story, you’ll have to wait for Ikora to offer you to repead the mission as a meditation, as it’s not normally accessible.

EDZ Ghost Story Locations

destiny 2 edz dead ghost locations 1
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The first one we’ve found in EDZ was Compliments. You’ll find it in the Drain, a lost sector in the Outskirts area. Go inside and head towards where Wanted: Metal Captain appears. When you enter the room, go right. You’ll see a giant 2 on the wall, and a room to the right from it. Go into the room and look for the ghost behind the bars. The second one is called No Rez For The Weary, and it’s hidden away in the Quarry lost sector, in the Sunken Isles area. Enter the cave below the spaceship and follow the tunnels until you pass a room with three Legionaries and some broken containers. Immediately after you crawl through the small tunnel, turn left. You’ll find the ghost next to the blue lantern.

The third one is called Don’t Call Me Ghost. You’ll find it in the sludge, in Shaft 13, the lost sector south of the landing spot. As you pass the Salzwerk Trostland sign and enter the mines, look to the right. Jump up onto the conveyor belt and enter the small room at the end of it. Turn right and you’ll see a locker. Approach it, and you’ll find your ghost inside.

Titan Dead Ghost Locations

destiny 2 titan dead ghost locations
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The first ghost on Titan is called Confession of Hope – Part One. You’ll find it all the way to the east, in the Arboretum. Go to the Solarium, and follow the path thorough the door on the left in the plaza. Once you reach a giant pink screen with the words “our home”, turn around. You’ll see a jammed door that’s slightly ajar. Approach it and you’ll spot the ghost, tangled in the vines.

The second one, The Watchful Eye, is at Siren’s Watch. It’s hidden in a hive lair in the southeast of the platform. Once you climb the second set of stairs, you’ll see three round holes in the wall. The ghost will be in the middle one. The third one is called Into the Fray, and you’ll find it at the Rig. It’s in a lost sector called DS Quarters-2, directly east of the landing spot. When you reach the lost sector cache, turn left into the hallway. You’ll see the ghost glinting on shelf.

Nessus Ghost Story Locations

Destiny 2 Nessus Dead Ghost Location Map
Nessus Dead Ghosts Location Map

There are three dead ghosts on Nessus, and the first one is called A Hero’s Requiem. You’ll find it in The Rift, the lost sector in a cave next to the crashed spaceship in Exodus Black. Follow the tunnels until you reach the blue chamber with the chasm. Look up and to the left, and you’ll spot a particular stone ledge. Go up there and you’ll find your collectible.

The next one is found a bit north, in the Watcher’s Grave. To collect the Struck by Wonder dead ghost, you’ll need to reach the outer ring platform of a giant light beam in the area. From the Watcher’s Grave landing zone, turn left and go deeper into the area. As you get close to this giant beam of light, look to your left, there are some higher platforms. Use them to reach the even higher ones on the wall, next to the beam of light. The first platform on the wall is covered in dark grass, and is hard to miss. From there make your way up, until you can spot the small platform in the distance. This is the one that is closest to the light beam, exactly where the dead ghost is located.

The final ghost is west from the previous one, in the Tangled Forest area. From the Artifact’s Edge landing zone, head west into the Tangle. Follow the road to your left, and after around 40 seconds, you’ll reach a part of the road that goes up. Stop at the top of this incline, look back, and on your left you’ll spot a giant tree with a red bough. It’s similar to the others, but this one is at the end of the ascending path. Jump on the platform that is somewhat hidden by tree’s trunk. This is where the final Nessus dead ghost, Confession of Hope – Part Two, is found, among the small red foliage.

Note: We would like to thank user Joshua Coleman and EKS_Konoko for the additional information.

Where to find dead ghosts on Io?

destiny 2 io dead ghost story locations
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The first ghost is called Difference of Opinion. You’ll find it in the Sanctum of Bones, the lost sector near the landing spot in Rupture. Go inside and climb the spire. When you’re at the top, look for the ghost on one of the yellow rock pillars. The next one is called Protector of Ghosts, and it’s hiding at the entrance to Terrabase Charon, north of Giant’s Scar. There’s a catwalk hanging from the ceiling at the entrance, with some crates on it. Jump up there, and you’ll find the ghost on a yellow crate.

The last one, Ghost Community Theater Presents, is in the Aphix Conduit lost sector, in the southeastern corner of Rupture. Once you’re in the cave, follow it to the cache. When you reach the chest, turn around, and you’ll see three pillars. Climb the tallest one, and look above the big round hole. You’ll see the ghost on the ledge.

Mercury Dead Ghost Locations

There’s only one ghost on Mercury, and it’s called From Fallen Ground. It’s in the Pariah’s Refuge lost sector, in the Field of Glass. Follow the corridors until you reach a large open room with huge braziers. Look to the left, and you’ll see tall bookshelves with ladders and lanterns. The ghost is on the top of one of them.

Mars Ghost Stories

destiny 2 mars dead ghost locations
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The first one on Mars is called Savin. It’s hidden at Braytech Futurescapes, in the Core Terminus lost sector. Go all the way to the cache, then look behind it to the right. You’ll see a bunch of computer equipment on the wall, and the ghost will be on a keyboard there. The other one is called Pulled Pork, and it’s in Hellas View. You’ll need to go all the way to the north, to the room overlooking the glacial cave. You’ll see a large yellow machine on your left as you enter. The ghost will be behind the pillar.

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  1. J
    Jacory johnson

    Found another dead ghost
    Location the quarry
    Called. No rest for the weary

    1. D

      As you go through the lost sector you come to tiny hole where you have to crouch to get by. The dead ghost is under the arch way on the left next to the little lamp.

  2. P

    I found a Dead Ghost on Titan. I have a screenshot of its location. It’s in the Archology (right path)

    1. M

      Could you provide a bit more detail?

  3. D
    Danial Moores

    Found a dead ghost on Titan in the Archology. The Left path when you get through the crack in the wall. Keep going until you have to take a right into a massive open area. Look left and you should see double doors barely open, it’s right in between the doors.

  4. L

    There is one in a lost sector on tangles shore. (Can’t remeber the name of the lost sector)
    Clear the lost sector and as you grab your reward, you will see 4 small pillars located Just behind the chest. Look on the furthest right to see a dead ghost.

    1. P

      The Lost Sector is called Kingship dock – it’s the one straight ahead as you land near Spider’s Lair – you go up in an air funnel to it. The ghost is by the far right turret – out over the ledge – it’s called Whether Windmills or Cranes

  5. M

    IO Lost oasis -(lost sector) lore on ledge before entrance to whisper of the worm.
    Titan – Sirens watch – ghost shell – tricky to explain this one. From landing head down toward’s the room with the wizard in, head up the stairs to next room with hive knight. Towards the bottom of that room on the left wall are 3 round holes ghost is in middle one.

    1. M

      Found another.
      Titan – The rig – lost sector – DS quarters. Ghost shell is located in the final boss room, back room left corner on shelfs

      1. M

        IO – The rupture – lost sector. The ghost shell is located on the big rock formation just before entering the boss room. Has 3 taken psion on it. Jump up the corel/rock pile mid way up.

        1. P

          Mercury – Lost Sector – From Fallen Ground – in the final boss room: the very tallest bookshelves on the left side of the room (looking at the cache box). Jump up, it’s on the top/

    2. E

      He’s talking about one you have to go through the hive breeding ground room you cleared when you first arrive on titan. I’ve found that ghost as well, but I can’t remember which lore fragment it was.

  6. J

    Mercury – Lost Sector.
    After clearing the main room & collect the reward, turn around to face the centre of the room.
    On the right you will see two large bookcases, on the top of one of these is a ghost.

  7. T

    There is one on mercury in the lost sector Pariah’s Refuge in the room with the boss. On top of the book case on the left side of the room.

  8. P

    Mercury – Lost Sector – From fallen Ground – in the boss room of the lost sector; on the tallest left hand bookshelves – jump up, it’s on the top.

  9. C

    There is a dead ghost on the story mission Hope on Titan titled “The Watchful Eye”. After clearing the room of egg sacs, at the end of the next room there are a number of portholes in a hive infested depression on the left wall. The dead ghost is in the middle porthole

  10. B

    This just happens to be my favorite part about the new Forsaken update in Destiny 2. The lore of Destiny is extremely interesting for me. I especially love that I can now learn about how a Guardians Ghost perceives the world. A Guardians Ghost is a big mystery… How did they come into existence? How does it feel to be a spirit living in a small pyramid like shell? Where do they go when they disappear? I really like collecting and reading all of the different Destiny 2 lore books, but it is the Ghost Stories that I enjoy the most!

  11. B

    hellas basin lost sector ma’adim subterrane. when you go up the rock path that curves to the right where the scions are, stop before the rock bridge that goes to the next area. stop turn around lore is on the ground next to a rock.

    1. P

      Another one on Mars – the lost sector with the hive in it near Anna Bray – Braytech Futurescape. Fight through to the boss room – when all are dead, walk to the right more or less behind the loot box, there’s one of those black holes you can’t go through. Look to your right where there is a large tv screen and part of a terminal type thing – jump on the terminal thing – it’s in there – it’s called Savin.

  12. B

    nessus, cistern, lost sector the conflux. when you reach the large open area with the adds, look to the left wall to find a small opening leading to a cave inside is the lore.

  13. N

    Thats only 21 of 23.

  14. J
    John Young

    There is 23 triumph’s. You have shown 21. Do you know where the other 2 are?.

    1. J
      Joshua Coleman

      The two not shown are on Nessus, 1 in the Tangle and the other in Watchers Grave. I’m not too good with giving directions without being able to provide images. There is a youtube video by Esoterickk that shows where they are.

  15. B

    this guy kinda sucks eh

  16. A

    Bruh… Kingship Dock is in the middle of Thieves’ Landing.

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