Destiny 2 Necromantic Strand Location - Essence of Brutality - Loud Lullaby

Necromantic Strand is an item in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. Finding it is one of the tasks in the Essence of Brutality quest. It isn’t marked on the map, so you might have trouble figuring out its location. When you’ve completed all the tasks, you’ll get a weapon called the Loud Lullaby. This guide will show you the Destiny 2 Necromantic Strand location, so you can complete the cleansing.

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destiny 2 essence of brutality
Destiny 2 Necromantic Strand Location – Essence of Brutality – Loud Lullaby

Where to find Necromantic Strand?

The quest description mentions it can be found in the Hall of Wisdom. That’s the underground area beneath Hellmouth. Go to the eastern part of Archer’s Line – you’ll find a big, glowing door there, which leads into the catacombs beneath the Moon’s surface. Follow the corridors until you enter the Hall of Wisdom. As soon as you enter the hall, you’ll see a room lit by an orange crystal chandelier. That’s where the Necromantic Shard is – you’ll find it on the ground, in the form of a weapon part. Interact with it, and you’ll complete the task.

Essence of Brutality quest

The other two tasks are getting hand cannon kills and completing activities on the Moon. According to the description, only public events, lost sectors and patrols count towards the total, so don’t go around doing other stuff, like quests and daily or weekly bounties.

Once you’ve completed the cleansing, you’ll receive a legendary hand cannon called Loud Lullaby. It’s adorned with feathers and trinkets, and has an Aggressive Frame. This gives it more damage but also higher recoil. It doesn’t look too impressive, but if you’re a collector, you’ll definitely want one for your arsenal. Like with all new weapons, it might turn out to be great once the community wraps its head around it and discovers a good use for it.

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