Opulent Chest Locations Destiny 2

Where to find Opulent Keys and Opulent Chests in Destiny 2 is something many players want to know following the Season of the Haunted update. The new season has arrived with the new Leviathan patrol zone. Scattered around it are many Opulent Chests. And you guess it right, they can be opened with Opulent Keys. While the zone is not particularly big, some players can still be confused over where exactly to find all these chests. In this guide, we will list all Opulent Chest locations in Destiny 2, so that you don’t need to wander around aimlessly around Leviathan.

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Opulent Chest Locations Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Opulent Chests Locations

Going through the new story quest will grant you an Opulent Key. You will also get some as random drops by completing various side activities, like patrols or containment. You can use these keys to unlock chests of the same name scattered on the Leviathan. This will grant you seasonal weapons and gear. Seems fairly simple, but some players can’t find the said chests. To make things even harder, specific keys will only open specific chests. Thus, even if you find a chest, if you don’t have its corresponding key, you can’t open it. That’s why it’s important to know where to find all chests. Read on as we list all Opulent Chest locations in Destiny 2 the Season of the Haunted update.

  • The statue in Royal Pools
    • When you enter the Royal Pools from the Castellum, you’ll spot the first Opulent Chest to the left of the huge statue there.
  • Below the Brazier in Royal Pools
    • When you pass the four pillars in the left part of the Royal Pools, go upstairs until your reach an area with a massive brazier hanging from the ceiling. Below it, you’ll spot an Opulent Chest.
  • The Room with pillars in Royal Pools
    • This time around, head to the right side of the Royal Pools. Go in that direction until you reach a huge room with rows of pillars. You’ll spot an Opulent Chest left of the glowing scythe-spawn point.
  • The dog statue in Pleasure Gardens
    • When you enter the Pleasure Gardens from the Royal Pools, on your left you’ll see a statue of a dog. And at the foot of the statue, you’ll see a chest.
  • By Calus’s head in Pleasure Gardens
    • On the opposite side from where the entry via the Royal Pools is, you’ll see a broken Calus’s head statue on the ground. Look for a chest near it.
  • The broken pillar in Pleasure Gardens
    • Finally, the last one that we know of, can be found below a broken pillar past the pile of rocks, just right from where you entered the Pleasure Gardens.

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