Pain and Guilt Crucible Quest Tips & Tricks - How to Beat - Destiny 2

Pain and Guilt is a Crucible quest in Destiny 2. It is a part of the quest chain from Shaxx that gives you the Luna’s Howl Legendary Hand Cannon. To complete the Destiny 2 Pain and Guilt quest, you have to score a certain number of hand cannon kills in the Competitive playlist. This might seem easy, but it absolutely isn’t; you’ll need practice and patience to grind out those kills. That being the case, we hope our Destiny 2 Pain and Guild Crucible quest tips & tricks guide will help you on your journey.

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Destiny 2 Pain and Guilt Crucible Quest Tips & Tricks - How to Beat
Destiny 2 Pain and Guilt Crucible Quest Tips & Tricks – How to Beat

How to Complete Destiny 2 Pain & Guilt Crucible Quest – Tips & Tricks

To complete the Pain and Guilt Crucible quest in Destiny 2, you have to get 150 kills with the Hand Cannon. Of course, this being a Crucible quest you get from Shaxx, only the kills you get in the Crucible count. Also, all the kills have to be in the Competitive playlist. However, it seems that you can beat an opponent within an inch of their life with another weapon. The only important thing is that you deliver the finishing blow with a hand cannon.

Pain & Guilt Destiny 2 Crucible Quest Tips & Tricks

Getting 150 kills to complete the Pain and Guilt is a simple task on paper, but far more difficult to execute in practice. This goes double if you don’t really use hand cannons that much, and triple if you don’t play Crucible that much, especially the Competitive playlist. We can’t really give you a fail-safe strategy to beating this quest, but we can provide some general advice. Here we go.

If at all you can, try and get the hand cannon kills before you hit too high of a Glory level. Otherwise, it’ll get way more difficult. Also, try and pull it off while playing solo, so that all the kills belong to you. As far as specific weapons go, consider using Ace of Spades or Trust. Oh, and make sure to use gear that has targeting perks to help your aim.

Last, but still pretty important: be patient and practice. Hop into matches with a hand cannon and keep grinding. Maybe even double hand cannons to increase your chances. You can also practice using some other weapon to weaken enemies, then quickly switching to the hand cannon to finish them off. It’s bot the easiest of maneuvers, but you can make it work.

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