Destiny 2 PC Bans Have The Community Up In Arms

Destiny 2 has launched on PC, and it seems to be running smoothly, except in cases where people are getting banned for no apparent reason. The official forums and subreddit are being flooded with reports of players being automatically banned from the game. One popular theory suggests third-party software with overlays is at the heart of the issue, but Bungie are denying it.

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destiny 2 pc ban
Destiny 2 PC Bans Have The Community Up In Arms

First reports came from people using a bunch of third-party software along with the game, like FPS counters, chat overlays like the one Discord offers, streaming or capture software, etc. However, as hours went by, more and more players were being banned even with fresh Windows installations, running nothing but and the game itself. Cozmo, one of Bungie’s community managers, replied to a topic complaining about the bans on the official forum by stating that Destiny 2’s incompatability with other software might stop it from running properly, but wouldn’t result in a ban.

Many have preordered the game or bought it on day one in order to start playing as soon as possible. This issue is preventing them from doing so. Bungie has a “no negotiation” policy when it comes to bans, which means there’s no way to dispute a ban. This has only made matters worse and sparked discussions about refunding and issuing credit card chargebacks.

If you’ve bought the game on PC and haven’t started playing yet, your best bet would be to wait until this whole thing is resolved. In a situation like this, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you’re one of the unfortunate ones, make sure your voice is being heard. The fact that the devs are being silent probably means that either they haven’t found a solution to the problem, or don’t even know what’s causing it at this point.

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