The Pigeon Provides Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 Pigeon Provides quest is one of the new missions you can do in this year’s Dawning event. Given to you by Saint-14, the quest requires you to bake and deliver cookies to the Eliksni, and to do that, you’re gonna have to go through a series of steps. One of these, the one where you need to collect Etheric Spirals, has a bug that can block your progress. In our The Pigeon Provides Destiny 2 guide, we’ll show you how to fix this bug and how to start and complete the quest.

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the pigeon provides destiny 2
The Pigeon Provides Destiny 2

How to Solve Destiny 2 The Pigeon Provides Etheric Spirals Bug

To solve the Etheric Spirals bug in the Destiny 2 The Pigeon Provides quest, all you need to do is abandon the quest and then pick it back up. That should clear the problem right up. And once you get to the step again, be sure to collect all five Etheric Spirals before reporting back to Spider. This should prevent the problem from popping back up and impeding your progress again. From there, proceed with the quest as you normally would. After you’re done baking the cookies, talk to Saint-14 and make your way to the Eliksni Wing through through the H.E.L.M. node to deliver them. You can drop them off at any Eliksni you choose, basically. Return to Saint-14, then talk to Eva to collect your reward – the Masterworked Zephyr sword.

So, that’s how you solve the Etheric Spirals bug in the Destiny 2 The Pigeon Provides quest. To begin the quest in the first place, you first need to complete the first quest in the Season of the Splicer, aka “The Lost Splicer.” After that, you can talk to Saint-14 and kick the quest off. The next step is to get the Eliksni recipe, which will be in a hole next to the Eventide Ruins landing zone. Now, you need to collect ingredients – Pure Ether Extract, Glacial Starwort and Harpy Eggs. The game explains how to get them, so that’s not much trouble. And, of course, you’ll also need to collect fifteen Dawning Spirit from Levante’s bounties and delivering gifts. You use these to purchase Kellsdough from Spider.

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