Destiny 2 Taken Butter Farm

The Taken Butter Farm is a new addition to Destiny 2. It has arrived as part of the seasonal event, titled “The Dawning 2021”. Long term players may remember this event from last year. As part of it, you have to conduct several themed tasks, many of which involve making cookies. Taken Butter is an essential ingredient to them, and we are here to tell you how to get it in Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2 Taken Butter Farm
Destiny 2 Taken Butter Farm

How to Get Taken Butter Destiny 2

As the name suggests, Taken Butter will only appear when you slay Taken enemies. You can find them causing trouble all over. However, the Dreaming City is one area filled with them so you may be best heading there. Great spots to set up your farm include the Thrallway in the Shattered Throne room, the Blind Well, the Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector and Aphelions Rest Lost Sector.

Once you have it, you can use it to bake cookies. These include the Dark Chocolate Motes for the Drifter, Classic Butter Cookies for Eva Levante, and Strange Cookies for Xur.  Once you have them you need to go back to your holiday oven. Bake your goods and then you can get the reward for your seasonal activity. 

You do not need to attack and defeat them with any specific types of damage. This is in contrast to ingredients such as the Null Taste. Some recipes require you to have both this and taken butter so you can tackle them together.  You can read our guide on the Null Taste here

As well as Null Taste and Taken Butter, there are other valuable materials you can get at the same time. Impossible Heat and Electric Flavor may also appear when you fight the Taken. As mentioned above, some of them do need a specific weapon or damage inflicted.

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