Destiny 2 Players Locked Out of Prestige Raid & Nightfall Without DLC

The Curse of Osiris, the first expansion for Destiny 2, was launched yesterday. It brough a handful of new things to the game, like a tiny new planet, one public event, some regional chests, and other knick-knacks. However, it also removed some stuff from the base game, at least for people who don’t intend to fork out the $20 for the DLC. It turns out that the prestige version of the Leviathan raid and the Nightfall strikes have had their power level reqiurements raised beyond what you can achieve in the base game.

destiny 2 prestige raid nightfall power level requirements
Destiny 2 Players Locked Out of Prestige Raid & Nightfall Without DLC

Before the DLC was launched, the recommended power level for both of these activities was 300, which was five levels below the cap. They were meant to engage people at the end-game, which is why the number was so high. Now, on the other hand, the prestige raid and nightfall recommend a power level of 330, which is a bit below the new cap. This way, the developers made sure these would stay relevant even as the players gear up.

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However, it did have one nasty side effect – people who don’t intend to buy Curse of Osiris are practically locked out now. They cannot get past powert level 300, which makes them severely underprepared for these activities. Technically, it’s still possible, but it’s going to be extremely difficult, tedious and time consuming. A base game player could enlist the help of a group of coordinated 330s. They could carry said player through the activity, but it wouldn’t be any fun for either the group or the unfortunate player.

To add insult to injury, there is a trophy / achievement that is unlocked when you beat the prestige raid or your first Nightfall, which is now barely within reach to players without the DLC.

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