Destiny 2 Powerful Enemies & Hive Locations - Black Armory Quest

One of the steps in the new Black Armory quest in Destiny 2 tasks you with killing powerful enemies and killing Hive with a power weapon. Pretty large numbers are involved, and both are rare enemy types in this game, which is why a lot of people are wondering where to find them. If you’re among those wondering, wonder no more. This guide will show you Destiny 2 powerful enemies & hive locations, so you can complete the quest and get your Black Armory weapon as soon as possible.

destiny 2 powerful enemies hive locations
Destiny 2 Powerful Enemies & Hive Locations – Black Armory Quest

Where to find powerful enemies in Destiny 2?

Since you’ll need to kill 25 of these, you need an activity where they spawn a whole lot. Going around the maps and waiting for high value targets or public events to spawn is not the best way to do this. Some recommend jumping into a raid, but that’s not the best way either. From our experience, if you’re playing solo, you should head on over to Mars and play Escalation Protocol. Clear the first two waves, pull out and repeat until you’re done. If you’ve got a team, you could also go to the Dreaming City and give Blind Well a try.

Where to find Hive enemies in Destiny 2?

Hive are the least represented of the enemy races in Destiny 2, and you’ll have to murder 50 of them for the quest. What you need to do is head on over to Titan and look for those buildings that look like their walls are covered in maggots. Lost sectors are a good choice, as is the public event on the right platform – the one with the two witches and the giant portal. If you manage to trigger the heroic version of that, you’ll have a horde of Hive enemies rushing you from the portal.

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  1. N

    I plowed through the Hive quickly by going to the Tangled Shore and heading over to Flotsam of Saturn. Plenty of hive there. Even quicker if you happen on a public event.

    The hard part for me is now defeating 25 powerful enemies … with power weapons. Given the ridiculously low drop rate of power ammo, this is gonna take a while.

    1. J

      Mate, do the first entrance but if the leviathan raid a bunch of times, had like 8 powerful enemies. The entrance bit, and you can keep leaving orbit and returning to regen power Ammo and it keeps the kills in the pursuit.

  2. C

    Hive in EP.
    Go leviathan for powerful with sleeper. You can line them up and knock down 3 with the first shot

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