Destiny 2 How to Buy Annual Pass on Xbox Without Forsaken

The first bit of content from Destiny 2’s Annual Pass has been released. It’s the Black Armory, a series of forges that will make you do stuff and reward you with stuff. Since it has gone live, a number of Xbox players have complained about being unable to find the season pass on the Microsoft Store, without it being lumped in with the Forsaken DLC. Obviously, nobody wants to buy stuff they already own again, which is why we’ve decided to investigate and write a guide on how to buy Destiny 2 annual pass without Forsaken DLC.

destiny 2 how to buy annual pass without forsaken
Destiny 2 How to Buy Annual Pass on Xbox Without Forsaken

How to buy Destiny 2 season pass on Xbox?

First of all, give up on the idea of buying it straight from the game. It doesn’t work. When you search the Microsoft Store, you’ll notice two results pop up for Destiny 2 Annual Pass. Both have Forsaken in the title, as that’s the full name of the product, but only one actually contains the Forsaken DLC. If you’re using this method, you should choose the second result.

However, we suggest you just follow this link instead. It should lead you to the season pass’ store page. You’ll need to be logged in before you can actually see the price and buy it, because the store (for some dubious reason) doesn’t show you the price before it can check whether you’re allowed to buy it. Since you can’t access the annual pass content without Forsaken, the store won’t let you buy it if you don’t have the DLC already.

If you still have issues finding it after all this, you could try restarting your console. If you’re accessing the store from another device, try using the console instead. This shouldn’t b a problem, but it so often is that it’s worth giving a shot.

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    Ive got Forsaken already but I still cant seem to download the Annual Pass on its own… HELP!

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